A Look On The 10 Best Shots Of Penang’s Iconic 126-Year Old Ferry Service

As we close in on yet another year, there are some things worth celebrating, and some, worth reminiscing. And one truly Penang element that has left a mark in our hearts is the iconic Penang ferry. By now, most of us would know that today marks the ferries’ final day of service.

Take A Look At These Beautiful Shots Of Penang Ferry

With that said, shall we take a look back on its long-standing history? The Penang ferry was established back in 1894 and is the oldest ferry service in Malaysia. There used to 6 ferries carrying both passengers and automobiles across the Penang strait, on a daily basis.

The 31st of December 2020 will be the ferry’s retirement day so with that, let’s take a look at some stunning photos of Penang’s iconic ferry.

1. Photos by @drone_yachtie 

Penang Ferry
Photo: @drone_yachtie (Instagram)
Penang Ferry
Picture: @drone_yachtie (Instagram)

2. Photo by @nicholas_hinz

Penang Ferry
Photo: @nicholas_hinz (Instagram)

3. Photo by @yinstarry9

Penang Ferry
Photo: @yinstarry9 (Instagram)

4. Photo by @fabianots

Penang Ferry
Photo: @fabianots (Instagram)

5. Photo by @swisherr

Penang Ferry
Photo: @swisherr (Instagram)

6. Photo by @louislimkh

Penang Ferry
Photo: @louislimkh (Instagram)

7. Photo by @ysean1991

Penang Ferry
Photo: @ysean1991 (Instagram)

8. Photo by @weize16

Penang Ferry
Photo: @weize16 (Instagram)

9. Photo by @kenyuekenyue

Penang Ferry
Photo: @kenyuekenyue (Instagram)

10. Photos by @alifzamre

Penang Ferry
Photo: @alifzamre (Instagram)
Penang Ferry
Photo: @alifzamre (Instagram)

Starting 1st January 2021, Penang’s iconic ferries will be replaced by new fast ferries. Additionally, for 2 weeks, until 14th January, foot passengers can enjoy fares on the new ferries. Subsequently, there will be a charge of RM1.20 per adult and RM0.60 for children and senior citizens.

Penang Ferry (1986-2020)

So, what’s your fondest memory of the Penang ferry? Share with us in the comments and together, let’s take one final trip down memory lane.

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