Penang Green Council to Reward Green Citizens in Collaboration with Riiicycle Apps & L’OCCITANE Malaysia

Turn Waste into Exciting Vouchers!

Hello foodies! As we all know, Penang is a green island and we as Penangites take pride in that. Many efforts were introduced by our government to make the island greener and cleaner, it’s our sacred duty to take part in it, no? Penang Green Council (PGC) has recently launched a new green programme to reward its green citizens. This includes extra membership points and partnership with amazing merchants (Digi, L’OCCITANE, Tesco and many more) for vouchers redemption! Learn how you can turn waste into gems, and make Penang a better place.

Penang Green Council Launches New Programme to Reward Green Citizens:

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Here’s a little backstory. Penang Green Council launched the Penang Green Citizen programme back in 2009 to encourage Penangites to give their commitment to make Penang a cleaner, greener, safer, healthier and happier city. This includes save water, reduce single use plastics, bring own food container/ water bottle, practice 5R, take public transports and many more. To date, there are more than 22,000 citizens who have pledged as Penang Green Citizens over the years.

Now, PGC wants to reward these green citizens who has upheld these practices through a new green reward programme, in collaboration with Riiicycle Apps developed by Riiicycle Tech Sdn Bhd and international retailer of beauty products, L’OCCITANE Malaysia.

How Does the New Green Reward Programme Work?

Easy, just download the Riiicycle Mobile App on the App/ Play Store, register as a new member and you’ll be rewarded with 99 Riiipoints instantly. Early birds (first 1,000 Green Citizens) are entitled for 300 Riiipoints. If you’re an existing Penang Green Citizens, you’ll be credited with another extra 100 points.

You may ask, “what do we do with these Riiipoints?” PCG has partnered up with many merchants to launch this programme where users can use their points to redeem vouchers from the participating merchants listed below. Redemption period is from May 2020 to December 2021.

Participating merchants: Arabica Estate, Simply Leafy, Jobelle Skin Solution, OWL Bulk Store, Macallum Connoisseurs Coffee, Digi, Celcom, Global Nature, Mikugraphy, Gao Enough Tea, Dr House Home Inspection, LSL Easy Life, Silver Owl Production, Tesco, Thong Thai Fusion, CMYK Interior Design, Xi Meng Ding Taiwan Delight, Kenko Sushi and Recyclable Home Pickup.


Cont’d (L’OCCITANE Malaysia):

PCG has also partnered up with L’OCCITANE Malaysia to launch the ‘Big Little Things Recycling Program.’ Individuals can bring their empty bottles of beauty and care products to three participating stores located at Gurney Plaza, Gurney Paragon Mall and Queensbay Mall.

For every 40th and 70th bottles accumulated, participants will receive an extra RM10 cash voucher along with exisiting rewards. The L’OCCITANE initiative will take place starting from Aug 1 to Oct 31 while phase two starts from Jan 1 to March 31 in 2021.

Foodies, we hope this Green Reward Programme excites and motivates you to start recycling and reduce waste in the long run. It’s our job as a Penangite to keep the island greener and cleaner, and what better way to start now that we’ll get rewarded for recycling? Share this good news to your friends and family and inspire them to start something good. That’s all, have a great weekend, and buh bye!

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