Petron Gasul Food Trip With Fazley And Sazzy In Penang

Where do celebrities eat? Find out here.

In light of Petron Gasul’s recent food discovery project “Kat Mana Sedap”, we are happy to welcome Dato Fazley Yaakob and Sazzy Falak on their food-hunting trip to discover good food in Penang! We can totally see the shine in their eyes when they touched down in Penang- that look when you know you’re up for some heavenly food.

During our trip, we were introduced to Bluey, Petron Gasul’s cute official mascot. Similar to all you foodies out there, Bluey is always in search of the best food in Malaysia. So if you’re not sure where to find good food in Penang, look for the place with Bluey (Petron Gasul)’s table number and you will know you’ve come to the right place!

Bluey is capable of indicating places with good food, as a blue flame indicates complete combustion, which leads to higher temperature (hotter) and produce less soot (cleaner), making food taste better and healthier.

Scroll down to stalk where we went and if you haven’t tried them all already, you better do so soon!

1:00pm- Penang Road Cendol and Laksa

Our first stop for the road trip is Penang Road. Laksa is one of the most sought-after street food in Penang, so how can the food trip be complete without tasting this thick rich Laksa at Penang Road? According to the owner, their Laksa broth is cooked up to 3 hours using fresh ingredients every day. Best perk of having your laksa here is that you can, at the same time, eat the best dessert in Penang – Penang Road Cendol! How awesome is that?

4:00pm- Restoran Deen Jelutong

Right before we arrived, the queue has already started to form. Listed as one of the restaurants in our Top Nasi Kandar List, Nasi Kandar Restoran Deen Jelutong is a must-visit in Penang. One interesting fact that the owner shared with us: in order to achieve the high quality and delicious taste of the fried chicken served in the restaurant, the food must be cooked with high temperature. And with Petron Gasul, complete combustion (indicated by the blue flame) is formed, hence ensuring that the food is cooked with high temperature, making food taste better and healthier. Ask for a “banjir” (Flood) to get a generous splatter of mixed curry sauce on top of your rice. If that’s still not enough, go for “tsunami kecil” (small tsunami) to fully immerse your rice in the curry sauce. Thank us later! *wink

8:00pm- Street Grill Burger

Currently dubbed the hottest burger in Penang, Street Grill Burger definitely won even our Master Chef Fazley’s heart! How good is this melted cheese burger, you ask? Well, expect to queue 2 hours for an order.

Challenge your friends to pull the cheese as long as you could just like how Fazley did!

It’s been a wonderful experience to guide Sazzy and Fazley during this food trip and we are glad they share the same love for Penang food! Street Grill Burger is Fazley’s favourite food among all and Sazzy’s pick is Penang Road Laksa. Have you tried them all and what do you say?

If it’s hard for you to catch all the fun of our food trip through pictures and words, take a look at the full video of the day here:

Interested to order Petron Gasul cooking gas and experience the benefits of the blue flame? Kindly call the numbers below;

  • Penang Island : 04-6264910 Mon – Sat (9am-5pm)
  • Butterworth : 04-3981868 Mon – Sat (8am – 5pm)
  • Petron Care Hotline : 1 300 228 211 Mon – Fri (8am – 5pm)

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