Penang Reports First COVID-19 Case At Sungai Jawi After 103 Days (Updated)


  • (As updated at 3:22pm) We have called Jabatan Kesihatan Negeri Pulau Pinang and it was said that the case is still under investigation.

Hello, friends! The past week has been a worrying one. With the news of COVID-19 potential super spreader cluster in Kedah, many Penangites have been keeping an eye on the situation. However, with much disappointment, after remaining as the only green zone in Malaysia with no active case over the past hundred days, Penang now reports one COVID-19 case in Sungai Jawi.

Penang Reports First COVID-19 Case After Months

Photo: Google Maps (Sungai Bakap Hospital)

Penangites have been proud of the state when it was released that it is the only green zone in Malaysia for not having any COVID-19 case. However, according to Kwong Wah, the state now reports a new COVID-19 case. Additionally, Adun Jawi YB H’ng, has posted a picture that warns citizens about the news.

Photo: Facebook

Reported to be a doctor at Sungai Bakap Hospital, the doctor had previously visited a bank at Parit Buntar. After being tested positive on the COVID-19 test, the bank is now currently closed for 14 days to sanitise. Prevention is better than cure. So if you’ve been to these areas, make sure to check on yourself with any symptoms. Otherwise, we recommend everyone to be alert and stay home as usual.

Stay Safe, Everyone!

After months of 0 new cases in Penang, it’s sad to hear that Penang now has an active case. While the news has not been announced on Penang Lawan Covid-19, we will keep an eye for the news and will keep you updated. For now, let’s stay home and we hope everyone continues to wear a face mask whenever they are outside. Additionally, remember to wash your hands after you’ve returned home!

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Cover Photo: Sika Malaysia (Official)

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