This Penang Chef Sells RM2.50 Nasi Lemak For Extra Income After His Pay Was Cut Due To MCO

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Due to the MCO, a lot of working sectors were forced to reduce their staffs especially tourism players. Hotels and airline companies are only some examples of businesses that are badly affected by this pandemic. So workers who were laid off had to be creative and find other solutions to gain more income.

Penang Chef Sells Nasi Lemak During Day Off For Extra Income

M. Ganesan, 23, is working as an assistant head chef at a restaurant at Beach Street. He has only worked there for 5 months when the MCO 2.0 was enforced. This forced his employer to reduce his working days to only three times a week. Adding to that, his pay was cut as well.

Thankfully that didn’t crush his spirit. While waiting for things to go back to normal, Ganesan decided sell home-cooked food during his off days.

RM2.50 Nasi Lemak With Only RM1 Delivery Fee

At the moment, you can get his Nasi Lemak from as low as RM2.50. What a steal right? Furthermore, if you are living withing 10km radius from him, you will only be charged RM1 for delivery. Meanwhile, Ganesan had only started selling nasi lemak this week. He will also have different menu for different day. So he insist that customers should call him first before ordering. However, you can surely expect a variety of local dishes from him.

If you are planning to support this lad, you can simply contact him and make your orders. He will start delivery at 9 AM so you can definitely order them for breakfast.

Source: MalayMail

Contact: 013-5681517 | 016-2574302

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