Penang Caricature Artist Dresses Up As Spider-Man For A Good Cause

Penang has always been known for the myriad of hawker center fares and delicious eats. Aside from the countless eats located all over the island, there’s someone who is recently going around the island too. If you paid close attention to the news or perhaps you’ve seen him before your very own eyes, then congrats. We’re talking about Penang’s very own local Spider-Man.

Penang’s Very Own Friendly Neighbourhood Spider-Man

Penang Spider-Man

Our local hero, by the name of Ahmad Shakirin Mohd Zain has been traveling all over the island, tucked in his heroic Spider-Man costume. He frequents the areas of KOMTAR, Padang Kota Lama and occasionally would make his way up to Tanjung Tokong too. Ahmad uses this unique manner as a means to earn extra income aside from his job profession as a caricature artist.

Penang Spider-Man
Photo: (Website)

As the sole breadwinner of the family, Ahmad would pose for a photograph or a wefie for a small fee in his Spider-Man costume. He also makes appearances at children’s birthday parties. That isn’t all, Ahmad also exhibits his heroism as he said he would assist welfare organizations or individuals in need by contributing some of his earnings.

That’s a true hero right there.

Behind the heroic costume doesn’t just lie Ahmad, in fact, there’s also a touching love story. Ahmad’s wife, Nur Asnita Mohamad Ismail, 34 has been wheelchair-bound for close to 3 years now, due to diabetes. And as wedding vow goes, in sickness and in health, Ahmad indeed stayed committed to this promise of a lifetime.

Recently, Ahmad was seen accompanying his wife for a quick stroll around the heart of Georgetown. Although with great power comes great responsibility, our local hero still knows how to set aside some time to accompany his wife.  We seriously need more heroes like Ahmad.

Penang Spider-Man
Photo: thesundaily (Website)

If any of you happen to spot our local hero on the streets, don’t forget to say Hi and snap some pics. Besides, a little goes a long way right?

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