MCO 3.0: Here’s A List Of Parks And Sports Centres That Will Be Closed In Penang

Today is the very first day of MCO3.0 for 3 districts and 3 zones in Penang. In line with this, there are several SOPs that we must all abide by. This includes no dine-in and sports activities that are limited. With that said, here is a list of sports centres and parks that will be closed in Timur Laut, Seberang Perai Tengah and Seberang Perai Selatan.


MCO 3.0: Take Note Of The Following Sports Centre Closures In Penang

Throughout PKP 3.0 from 10th May until 23rd May 2021, only certain sports activities are allowed. They are limited to jogging, cycling, and exercising with a physical distancing of at least 1.5 meters in the neighbourhood or neighbourhood parks only.

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Additionally, no group activities are permitted during MCO 3.0. For public parks, the following will remain open:

  • Youth Park (Taman Bandaraya)
  • Taman Metropolitan Relau
  • Taman Jajar
  • Botanical Garden

List of recreational parks and sports facilities that will be closed:

Timur Laut

  • Kompleks Sukan Relau
  • Balai Rakyat Taman Sri Pinang
  • Balai Rakyat Tg Bunga
  • Balai Rakyat Jalan Patani
  • Balai Rakyat Batu Lanchang
  • Stadium Bandaraya
  • Padang Polo
  • Padang Dato Keramat

Seberang Perai Tengah

  • Kompleks Sukan Jalan Betek
  • Sony Kompleks
  • Taman Rekreasi PBAPP Bukit DO
  • Taman Rekreasi Bukit Indah
  • Upcycle Park, Bandar Perda
  • Kolam Tekoma, Bandar Perda
  • Taman Tunku, Seberang Jaya
  • Taman Rekreasi Semilang, Seberang Jaya
  • Taman Komuniti, Bandar Perda
  • Eko Koridor, MBSP, Bandar Perda
  • Taman 1 Baby 1 Tree, Bandar Perda
  • People Aquarium, Bandar Perda
  • Taman Kimsar

Seberang Perai Selatan

  • Stadium Negeri, Batu Kawan
  • Taman Rekreasi Ampang Jajar Kerian, Nibong Tebal
  • Taman Rekreasi Sg Anglong
  • Taman Kejiranan Awam Valdor

Mukim 12, Barat Daya

  • Balai Rakyat Bayan Baru

Mukim 14, Seberang Perai Utara

  • Taman Tugu Kota Demokrasi

Bandar Butterworth, Seberang Perai Utara

  • Dewan Dato Haji Ahmad Badawi
  • Taman Pantai
  • Anjung Bagan

Take note that Empangan Mengkuang, Taman Rekreasi Bukit Dumbar, Empangan Air Itam, Empangan Teluk Bahang will also be closed during this period.

Penang Public Parks Closed MCO 2.0
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Source: Press Release

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Featured Image: @dtttt_life | @azrilazman1 (Instagram)


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