Hardworking Parit Buntar Siblings Sell Laksa Infront Of Bank To Make Ends Meet

The sight of merchants in front of banks isn’t foreign in Malaysia. Clearly, it’s not even weird considering that the bank is a very strategic location to set up a business. The trade can vary from selling chips and tissues to even burger stalls or food trucks. Despite that, coming across children in such conditions is rare. So much so that our little hearts melt at the sight of these two hardworking siblings selling laksa for a living.

children sell laksa
Photo: @RokiahZainudin (Facebook)

Selling Laksa To Make Ends Meet

A few hours ago, a Facebook user, Rokiah Zainudin, posted pictures of these two children selling basketful of laksa in front of Parit Buntar Maybank. According to Rokiah, the pair are selling laksa daily to genuinely pay the bills and aid their parents. Of course, we understand very well that every family has its own circumstances. Nonetheless, witnessing it with our own eyes makes it a lot harder to swallow.

Their Laksa Actually Tastes Heavenly

children sell laksa
Photo: @RokiahZainudin (Facebook)

To our surprise, few netizens actually tasted their laksa before and vouched that their laksa is lip-smacking good! With only RM5, you will get a whole boiled egg, mint leaves, and even sambal ikan bilis included in your laksa! Now that’s something every foodie wouldn’t want to miss. Have a bowl of their rich laksa and experience the addicting savoury goodness that will make you come back for more. The siblings can be found at the same location daily and will usually start operating from 4.30 PM and above.

children sell laksa
Photo: @RokiahZainudin (Facebook)

“My family and I bought it once.. At that time it was only the boy.. This picture was taken on our second visit… Their laksa even has sambal ikan bilis in it.. And it is so rare to find mint leaves in laksa nowadays… Their mother put mint leaves in the laksa… Once you have a taste of their laksa, you will come back for more… You can find them after the bank is closed. They would start selling after 4.30 PM.”

 “That’s right, their laksa is complete… It’s very hard to get laksa with mint leaves.”

“You have to look for them, their laksa is really delicious.”

Diamond In The Rough

With our current economical crisis, the best thing to do is sticking up for each other. Although the MCO ended, a lot of us are still struggling to survive. Knowing that these two siblings are doing their best to help their family is truly inspiring. Schools will reopen soon and the kids will need a lot more money to get by. Let’s show these kids our support when we get the chance to.

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