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With everyone in the society busy making money and pursuing their dreams today, it’s important to stop once in a while to take a break from the hectic schedule, just to unwind yourself. Nowadays, working adults are finding it hard to catch a breath and also to take care of their deteriorating health, due to sleepless nights. This where we come in with bird’s nest. Since ages ago, people have known and understood that bird’s nest is the ultimate beauty product that can help to maintain youthfulness and enhance complexion. But that is only one of the many benefits of bird’s nest!

Whenever people think of bird’s nest, automatically they’ll come to the conclusion that the only way of preparing it is using the traditional method that has been passed down from generation to generation which is cooking it over a small fire for hours and hours. Don’t get us wrong, we love the way our grandparents cook them but very often, it’s pretty troublesome and boring. 92 Armenian has since figured out a solution for that. Pretty amazing we would say, they infuse their bird’s nest into different food, what you don’t normally expect to see. Something out of the norm, but it’s flawless!

92 Armenian

The cafe is homely nestled in the busiest streets of the heritage trail, but despite the crowds coming and going outside, you’ll find relief once you stepped into the place. With nice and cooling ambience, it’s the perfect escape from the hot blazing sun outside. All over the place, you can spot historical wood craftings with beautiful gold linings. They kept the place as simple as possible, not wanting to draw the attention away from the magnificent interior of the place.

Cleaning Process of the Bird’s Nest

How do you know they’re the real deal? Head on upstairs to see people cleaning and handpicking the bird’s nests! It’s not easy work, we’ve seen how tedious the work was and we have no words but to salute them! If you’re super curious, catch the boss of the place and ask them more about bird’s nest to quench your curiosity.

What Should You Try Here?

I bet you’re on edge waiting for us to reveal to you the wonderful bird’s nest items they have to offer. After looking at those items, you’ll surely be filled with astonishment. Before we start, let’s hit you with some benefits of bird’s nest. Alright, first of all, the bird’s nest is a good supplement for growing children and improves overall immunity for those who consume it no matter the age!

This item right here which is their Bird’s Nest Egg Tart (RM9 / pc) is definitely one of the items you have to order while you’re there! Being on top of the menu, you can already tell that this must be their customers’ favourite and most recommended item of all time. The fluffy filling of custard together with a crispy shell and not to mention dressed with their bird’s nest, it just made normal boring egg tart goes out of style!

Tang yuan lovers, here’s something for you. A lot of people nowadays are madly in love with tang yuan because of the delicious chewy glutinous ball in sweet syrup soup. Ordering this, you get to have a taste of their extraordinary glutinous ball made with fillings of sesame, bird’s nest and pumpkin, how awesome is that! Don’t miss it – Bird’s Nest Golden Glutinous Rice Ball reasonably priced at RM26!

Behold, the Bird’s Nest Cheese Tart (RM15/pc) is a brand new item in their menu. In between the cheese, there’s a generous layer of bird’s nest filling. Their crust is baked to the perfect texture. This is personally our favourite, and we were so lucky to have tried it first! With only limited of 25 pieces per day, grab yours quickly.

Coconut jelly is undoubtedly the ultimate remedy for every Penangite’s greatest nightmare – the hot weather! So, why not drop by to enjoy this yummy Bird’s Nest Coconut Jelly (RM26)?

When we call this bowl of Bird’s Nest Chicken Porridge (RM30), a bowl of happiness with a homey touch, we weren’t even exaggerating. It really does remind us of our grandmother’s cooking and we just couldn’t get enough. Little did we know that in order to prepare the porridge, it takes up to 3 hours of preparation with slow fire. Be noted that they only have 15 bowls of this goodness per day, first come first served basis!

Before I mention you can already tell that this is no ordinary mango cake, am I right. We were expecting the flavour of the mango and also the cream to be too overwhelming for the bird’s nest but how wrong we were! The cake was spongy enough, and the diced mango you get in every spoonful came with a little tinge of sweetness. The bird’s nest topping the cake was absolutely a refreshing touch! This is their Bird’s Nest Mango Cake priced at RM26!

92 armenian

This dessert brings up a refreshing feeling in hot weather! Their Bird’s Nest Osmanthus Jelly (RM16) is really wobbly and just rich in nutrients from the bird’s nest. Every bite we took, we felt like we aged younger. It’s not too sweet so, we really liked it!

Another amazing tart that they offer is the Bird’s Nest Fruit Tart (RM12 / pc), garnished with fresh fruits and also their topnotch bird’s nest! Super delightful be it dining in or having it for takeaway. Not to mention, it looks so adorable!

Special Stewed Bird Nest’s Dessert – Place your order 3 hours earlier before dine in!

92 armenian

To us, Stewed Bird’s Nest with Pear (RM55) was really special because they stewed the bird’s nest in a pear. The sweetness of the pear has seeped into the soup which made the soup really soothing to the throat! Furthermore, this can help you to depress internal heat and reduce blood pressure. Pre-ordering 3 hours before dining in is needed.

92 armenian

In order to have this, Stewed Bird’s Nest with Rose and Rock Candy (RM55), you’ll have to drop them a call 3 hours before so that they’ll have time to prepare this delightful herbal dessert that is not only good for blood circulation but also relieves menstrual cramps!

Unbelievable Deal!

92 armenian

Feel like having a light dinner after work? 92 Armenian served a cup of warm milk infused with bird’s nest together with the much-loved bird’s nest egg tart at only RM18! Catch this unbelievable deal now!

What Do We Think?

92 armenian

In a nutshell, we guaranteed it’s worth every penny you’re paying them! A reasonable charge for a Bird Nest dining experience that will tickle your taste buds. We thoroughly enjoyed the food and also the warm treatment we’ve received while dining there! It’s quite a lovely spot and we would like you to check them out!

📍 92, Lebuh Armenian, George Town, 10200 George Town, Pulau Pinang

🕐 11AM-9PM (Daily)

☎️ 04-251 9712

📝 Pork-Free



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