OTea Garden: A New Cafe In Penang That Serves Yummy Shibuya Toasts

Hello Foodies! We hope you’ve had a wonderful month so far. If you haven’t, be prepared because we’re about to share with you this new cafe that serves delicious and attractive Shibuya Toast and Milk Tea. C’mon foodies! Postpone that healthy food diet you’ve been thinking of and get your toast game on at this new garden-inspired cafe – OTea Garden.

OTea Garden: A New Garden Inspired Cafe at Simpang AmpatImage may contain: indoor

OTea Garden is a new cafe tucked away in the quaint town of Simpang Ampat. Just as the name suggested, this cosy cafe certainly has its charm with the heavily inspired garden theme. A vibrant interior with lush green leaves hanging across the ceiling and grass carpet covering the entire ground, OTea Garden will help you get away from the hustle and bustle of life for a bit.

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Not to mention, the cafe has a super Instagrammable corner as well. With rattan hanging chair against a beautiful backdrop in soft hues, you’ll be able to take some pictures for your Instagram!

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Highlights: The Instagram-Worthy Shibuya Toasts

It is worth mentioning that OTea Garden serves up to 7 different Shibuya Toasts with a homemade thick piece of fluffy toast topped with choices of sweet ingredients such as ice cream, honey, fruits, pearls and more! Everything’s made from scratch and we are sure that you will find something that you would love to try out!

#1 Brown Sugar Pearl Milk Tea Shibuya Toast

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We know that Bubble Milk Tea is so mainstream nowadays, but here you can try the most hyped Brown Sugar Pearl Milk Tea Shibuya Toast! Topped with brown sugar pearls and pandan ice cream, the toast is served with a small cup of milk tea which was an interesting element, mimicking an actual boba milk tea drink. The almost-soggy toast with the chewy pearls, love!

#2 Uji Matcha Shibuya Toast

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Next on our list is the Uji Matcha Shibuya Toast. The toast is dusted with matcha powder and topped with matcha ice cream. Placing all of that Matcha goodness above the warm toast lets them melt and sink into the toast as you eat, giving you a Japanese symphony of delicious flavours to sink your teeth into.

#3 Fruity Honey Shibuya Toast

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That’s not all, the Fruity Honey Shibuya Toast is something that you need to order. A scoop of ice cream was seen on top of the toast, paired with fruits such as kiwi, honeydew and strawberry, it is heavenly good. Provided with a jar of honey, you can drench the honey on top of the toast for a better enjoyment!

#4 Choconana Shibuya Toast

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The Chochonana Shibuya Toast is drenched in the chocolate sauce and paired perfectly with ripped banana. You can find the entire toast topped beautifully with strawberries and chocolate ice cream. If you love the perfect match of chocolate and banana as we do, this is something you can’t miss!

#5 MangoBerry Shibuya Toast & Strawberry Milk Shibuya Toast

If you’re looking for something fruity, go for their MangoBerry Shibuya Toast or Strawberry Milk Shibuya Toast. The taste alongside its look gives a sense of satisfaction to our tummies and not to mention it’s so Instagrammable! Besides, the perfect balance of sweet and sour between the butter-fried toast and fruits will surely make you craving for more! How good you ask? Berry Strawberry Good!

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You Can Also Satisfy Your Bubble Tea Cravings Here!

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Their menu features a wide variety of beverages such as milk teas, fruit teas, milkshakes and smoothies. Don’t leave without trying their Mai Xiang Pearl Milk Tea, it’s something different from the usual Bubble Milk Tea, so rich in flavour with a hint of the oat that will leave you wanting for more.

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If milk tea is a little heavy, you can always order their refreshing tea – Passion Peach Fruit Lemon Tea. Apart from that, they have fruit series that you will need to try such as Fresh Papaya Milk Shake. Once you try it, you will love it!

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OTea Garden

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Life’s tough, we need a little sweetness to make our life better. So, why not check out this new cafe that serves wonderful desserts and milk tea. It might not solve your problems but will definitely put a smile on your face! Let’s go!

📍7, Jalan Jentayu, Taman Jentayu,14100 Simpang Ampat, Penang

🕒11 AM -11 PM

📞017-425 1784

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