Oreo Ice Cream Roll: Create Your Own Oreo Ice Cream Sandwich At Home With 4 Ingredients

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Hello there friends! As Malaysians, we’ve all come to accept that there’s nothing we can change about the scorching weather. Instead, we survive by coming up with creative ways to cool down from the heat. And one of them includes looking for a never-ending supply of ice cream. With the word ice in it, surely, it does wonders to quench our thirst and alleviate the heat, right? Today, we’re sharing with you an easy recipe to create your very own Oreo Ice Cream Roll at home.

Oreo Ice Cream Roll Is Every Oreo Lover’s Dream Come True

Wait, we all know what’s Oreo but Oreo Ice Cream Roll? That’s something new to some of us. Worry not, we’re here to provide you guys with some context. The Oreo Ice Cream Roll is essentially vanilla ice cream filled with chunks of Oreo and is then topped with crushed chocolate cookie pieces.

Oreo Ice Cream Roll
Photo: @joesandy31 (Instagram)

One Oreo Ice Cream Roll is meant for 8 people but if you have the tendency to finish a pack of Oreo on your own, this dessert bliss shouldn’t be a problem. The Oreo Ice Cream Roll is actually a cake and ice cream sandwich hybrid that’s, unfortunately, not available in Malaysia.

Oreo Ice Cream Roll
Photo: @yackikuka (Instagram)

But, to make things better, we’ve found a recipe that lets you create your very own Oreo Ice Cream Roll at home. And, it only requires 4 ingredients!


Ice + Water (500ml)

Whipped Cream (200g)

Oreo (2 packets)

Condensed Milk (as desired)

Oreo Ice Cream Roll
Photo: @yackikuka (Instagram)

Step 1: In a bowl, add in some ice cubes and water then add in whipped cream and mix until soft peaks

Step 2: Add in condensed milk and mix them all well

Oreo Ice Cream Roll
Photo: @yackikuka (YouTube)

Step 3: Separate Oreo fillings from cookies and add the fillings into the mixture. Crush the cookies until they become crumbs

Oreo Ice Cream Roll
Photo: @yackikuka (YouTube)

Step 4: Add half of the Oreo crumbs into the mixture and then pour the mixture into a used and cleaned Pringles chips container (or any cylindrical container) before freezing it

Method 5: Remove it from the container and dip it into the remaining Oreo crumbs

Step 6: Cut the ice cream roll into pieces and enjoy!

Oreo Ice Cream Roll
Photo: @yackikuka (Instagram)

Have Fun While You’re At It!

Once you follow the above steps, you’ll have your very own Oreo Ice Cream Roll made from scratch! Now, we can all enjoy some Oreo Ice Cream Sandwich no matter where we are. Let us know how it goes and happy trying!

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This recipe is by @yackikuka (Instagram)


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