A New Korean Soy Crab Restaurant is Opening Soon at Gurney Paragon

Foodies, love all things marinated, especially in Korean style? This new spot in Penang might be the answer to all your cravings. We spotted a Korean Soy Crab restaurant opening soon at Gurney Paragon, called OMG Crab. Literally, this must be a heaven for crab lovers.

OMG Crab is Opening Soon at Gurney Paragon, Serving Delicious ‘Ganjang Gejang’:

Ganjang Gejang, which means raw crabs marinated in soy sauce, might intimidate quite a number of people by the word ‘raw.’ Finding a good Ganjang Gejang in the island sounds almost impossible, given that we’re so familiar with other typical Korean dishes and how this dish is a rare find in Malaysia.

Yet, those who are into the Korean wave might know what it is, or in fact, craving for it. This crab dish has appeared in multiple Korean variety shows and is a favourite among celebrities.

Behold, as you’ll get to savour some delicious Ganjang Gejang soon without having to travel far. OMG Crab is opening an outlet in Gurney Paragon and we couldn’t be more excited! We’ve seen them multiple times on our social media feed when they used to operate online.

Sourced locally, all seafood ingredients are prepared and marinated in house, ensuring only the freshest gets delivered to your mouth. Their bestselling marinated crabs will kill a bowl of rice in one sitting. That’s how savoury and delicious they are.

Foodies, we couldn’t wait for OMG Crabs to open its doors and feast on succulent Ganjang Gejang! Don’t forget to tag and share this good news with your crab buddies! That’s all, take care and buh bye!

Status: Pork-free

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