November 23: A Hidden Cafe In Penang That Serves Insta-Worthy Fruit Tarts & Cakes

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Penang isn’t famous just for its street food, this food paradise hides a buzzing cafe scene that proves that cafe-hopping is still going strong. Needless to say, the cafe scene in Penang is well-rounded and nothing short of happening. With so many choices, you would agree with us that hidden cafes are the best-kept secrets which are no less in quality or ambience.

Today, we’re about to share with you one of our latest finds, November 23 Cafe, a hidden cafe situated in Machang Bubuk that serves Insta-Worthy Fruit Tarts and Cakes. Without further ado, let’s find out more about November 23 Cafe.

About November 23 Cafe

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Tucked in a quiet neighbourhood, November 23 Cafe specializes in coffee, breakfast, western food and snacks. Their menu covers the basic grounds but it is done perfectly, highlighting their very own handmade cakes and fruit tarts.

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With flowers and plants hanging everywhere in the cafe, you’ll feel like you’re having a meal in the garden but without the heat from the scorching sun. Their pleasing decor and delicious food are perfect for dates and family gatherings.

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What’s so good about November 23 Cafe?

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Comfort food doesn’t always have to be about guilt, feel fabulous about tucking into cakes and tarts with November 23 Cafe. It is worth mentioning that all of their cakes are baked with natural ingredients with no additional preservatives and colourings. Baked from the finest quality ingredients, ensuring you only get the best taste and presentation of the cakes.

#1 Fruit Tarts

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November 23 Cafe has upped their game in the cafe scene by including these fruit tarts that no one can resist. You can find the entire pastry base topped beautifully with various types of fresh fruits. The perfect ratio of the pastry and the fruits will leave you wanting more. It is definitely the best way for you to enjoy all the fruits’ natural goodness!

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#2 Cempedak Cheesecake

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Rich in both the flavours and scent thanks to the generous amount of cempedak flesh embedded within the cheesecake. The savoury flavour of the cheese, along with the crunchiness of the oreo base, tastes really great with the sweetness from the cempedak. Truly a perfect combo.

#3 Durian Burnt Cheesecake

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Durian Burnt Cheesecake – a generous amount of durian and good quality cheese make a great combination that will surely blow your mind! Creamy durian cheesecake with a burnt top layer, a fluffy layer of durian at the bottom makes a decadent and satisfying treat! Are you salivating, yet?

#4 Pomegranate cake

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Prepare yourselves for a journey of taste-buds dancing and non-stop Instagramming. The pomegranate cake features a generous spread of light fresh cream with red pomegranate seeds on the cake. Baked to perfection, this cake is great for people who love pomegranate!

#5 Salted Egg Chicken Chop

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Aside from specializing in coffee and cakes, November 23 Cafe also serves salted egg chicken which will satisfy your hungry stomach. Sink your teeth into the perfectly seasoned batter with the homemade salted egg-yolk gravy that pairs perfectly, it’s heaven!

Their Drinks Are Good As Well!

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After having a hearty meal, it’s best to wash them all off with their flavorful sparkling beverages. So refreshing! As for the coffee, it’s freshly brewed with a good amount of aroma, richness and depth. Definitely worth trying out, and not forgetting very Instagrammable!

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Bonus! Grab a sandwich @ only RM2.99!

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A hearty and wholesome breakfast helps to boost up our mood and providing us with the energy to kick-start the day. So, make it good! The good news is you can get an egg sandwich here at only RM 2.99. It consists of vegetables and egg placed between two slices of buns.

If an egg sandwich isn’t enough for you, just add on RM 1 and you have a wider selection of choices such as ham, tuna, cheese and meat floss. However, great things are always limited, you can only grab it from 8:30 AM until 11:30 AM every morning. Don’t leave without trying the sandwich, it’s surprisingly good!

November 23 Cafe

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While cafes are the go-to places for weekend brunches, those in town are often packed to the brim. The next time you feel like chilling out, instead of jostling with others for a coveted seat, why not go to November 23 Cafe which tucked in a little known area in Bukit Mertajam instead. Trust me, you won’t regret it!

One last thing, the selections of the menu change daily and are updated on Facebook regularly, so you can always check out their facebook page to avoid disappointments.

📍78-B, Jalan Machang Bubok, Taman Machang Bubok,14000 Bukit Mertajam

🕒8.30 AM – 12 AM (Closed on Monday)

📞010-949 7389

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