Netizen Revealed 8 Reasons Why Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Can Be On Par With Starbucks

When talking about attentive services and delicious premium beverages (especially coffee), no doubt, Starbucks will pop into our minds in an instant. Starbucks’ first-rate marketing game has drawn every attention to their direction so much that we didn’t realize the other options laid in front of us. According to this post on twitter, some might be just as good such as like Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf (CBTL).

8 Reasons (According To Netizen) Why CBTL Is Just As Good As Starbucks

1. Seasonal Coffee

Coffee bean tea leaves
Photo: @smashpop (Instagram)

Of course, coffee has to come first in this list. Being the heart of this business and all. Surprisingly most of the netizen in this thread agreed that CBTL coffees are exceptionally good. The coffee shop will brew different coffee beans in accordance with the ones primed in season. Currently, they are brewing light roast coffee from Sulawesi and Brazil.

2. Ambiance

coffee bean tea leaves
Photo: @faz.rin (Instagram)

A calming environment, good choices of music, and, most definitely, speedy free wifi, are 3 the ingredients for quality me time. Obviously, CBTL provides this as well making it an ideal location for people to immerse themselves in their own business and comfort. Some said that there’s a neighborhood feel to it. Additionally, their hospitality and services are just as attentive as Starbucks.

3. Slightly Cheaper Price Range

According to one of the current barista of CBTL, the prices here are RM2-3 cheaper than Starbucks which, to some, might not make that much of a difference. However, being Malaysian, saving money will always appeal more.

4. Customizing Beverages

Obviously, CBTL allows this too. There’s a certain charm in building your own drinks and people love the idea that they are a part of something amazing. To concoct your own drinks and experiment makes the whole ordering process a little bit more adventurous.

5. Delectable Desserts Choices

coffee bean tea leaf
Photo: @BengHouFong (Instagram)

Said by previous visitors at CBTL, the cakes and desserts there doesn’t fall short from Starbucks. Some even admitted that it might be superior. The Chicago Cheese Cake and Red Velvet Cake are among the ones that the netizen talks about most. Probably should give them a try soon.

6. Halal Certified

coffee bean tea leaves
Photo: @millymie (Twitter)

This might seem like a minor point but hear us out. It is very difficult for F&B business to get the Halal certification from Jakim. Receiving it will allow businesses to open up their door to a bigger market. Muslims are especially delighted to dine at any restaurant with this certification. It gives them comfort and that is what CBTL and Starbucks are all about.

7. Delicious Range Of Hearty Food

coffee bean tea leaves
Photo: @smashpop (Instagram)

On the other hand, the CBTL is said to serve food that both tastes amazing and fill you up at the same time. They have a centralized kitchen thus allowing them to properly prepare food to their customers.

8. 20 Different Teas To Choose From

coffee bean tea leaf
Photo: @cbtlph (Instagram)

Major tea connoisseur would definitely love this bit of information. Isn’t it better to have a bigger selection of tea than none at all? Be it matcha, lemon chamomile, and even the ones that anyone can hardly pronounce, they have it all. You could say that they are an expert on coffees and teas. It’s in their name after all.

Trying Something New Everyday

Well, that’s about it for now. This article is of course purely based on opinions. They say ‘to each their own’ and we fully agree with it. It’s okay to stick with what you are comfortable with but once in a while if you want to try a new place to hang then we hope that you find this article handy. Toodles!

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