Malaysian Brand MyKuali Ranked No.1 In ‘Top 10 Instant Cup Noodles 2022’ By The Ramen Rater

Does anyone find instant noodles comforting especially on days you feel like getting a quick fix? Instant cup noodles might be one the greatest creations out there that could fill up your tummy in under minutes. With so many variations currently in the market, choosing the best can get overwhelming. Round of applause please as Penang brand MyKuali has once again been crowned No.1 by The Ramen Rater in their “Top 10 Instant Cup Noodles Of All Time 2022 Edition.” Not only that, they managed to take home No.2 and No.10 on the list too, Fuiyoh! Keep reading to find out!


Penang Brand MyKuali Ranked No.1 & No.2 In “Top 10 Instant Cup Noodles Of All Time 2022 Edition”:

Fun fact: The Ramen Rater is known for reviewing instant noodles worldwide since 2002. He has written thousands of instant noodle reviews on his website for the past two decades, so you know his recommendations are pretty spot on.

As a Malaysian, we’re so proud to see our homegrown brand top the chart of “Top 10 Instant Cup Noodles Of All Time 2022 Edition.” Not only that, they managed to take home TWO more spots on the list, keep reading to find out!

#10 MyKuali Penang Red Tom Yum Goong Noodle

For those who prefer rich flavours with a kick, this one’s for you. MyKuali Red Tom Yum Goong hits all the spot, with notes of tomato and lemongrass in its rich, savoury Tomyam broth. A vegetable sachet is included to give the noodles a pop of colour!

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#9 mi ABC Mi Goreng Mi Instan Cup Stir-Fry Noodles

The Ramen Rater highly enjoyed this Indonesian mi goreng which has a savoury, spicy and sweet kick. The springy noodles added some points by providing a light mouthfeel to the palate.

#8 Mamee Chef Curry Laksa


Another Malaysian instant cup noodle that made it to the list! We bet most Malaysians are no stranger to the brand Mamee, they offer some seriously good noodles, like this Curry Laksa flavour. Its unique “mee tarik” technology mimics the texture of our local hand-pulled noodles, the aromatic curry broth with a tad grainy mouthfeel did not disappoint. They even included dried tofu in the cup, which is a plus point.

#7 Seven & i Premium Curry Ramen

Photo By: The Ramen Rater (Website)

Originated from the Land of the Rising Sun (Japan), Seven & i Premium Curry Ramen is a household product of 7-Eleven. Their noodles are slightly broader so you can taste the creamy, umami Japanese curry broth coated in each strand of noodles. Lots of condiments are included in the instant cup noodle, like minced meat, potato, dried vegetables and more.

#6 Maruchan QTTA Curry Ramen

Photo By: The Ramen Rater (Website)

Another recommendation from Japan, QQTA literally translates to ‘I’m full/satisfied.’ It’s a cup of rich and comforting curry noodles. As the name suggests, you’ll end up with a happy tummy feeling satisfied.


#5 Nissin Cup Noodles Very Veggie Spicy Chicken Flavor Ramen Noodle Soup

Photo By: The Ramen Rater (Website)

While Nissin originates from Japan, this flavour is exclusive to the United States. The heartwarming chicken broth is surprisingly savoury when added with broccoli flowerets, corn, soybeans and carrots. Perfect to slurp on during rainy or chilly weather.

#4 Mr. Meng Tomato Egg Instant Noodle

Photo By: The Ramen Rater (Website)

Mr. Meng Tomato Egg Instant Noodle from China has an ice-cream-pint-like packaging that’s quite intriguing. Unlike any other instant noodle with a typical weaved block form, these are made of wheat noodles. The broth imparts a very fresh and tasty tomato flavour, and you’ll find bits of scrambled egg in it.

#3 Liangshi Nara Japanese Noodles (Salted Egg Crab Flavor)

Photo By: The Ramen Rater (Website)

While we couldn’t 100% agree on all the hype surrounding “salted egg flavour,” this one surprised us. Liangshi Nara Japanese Noodles with Salted Egg Crab flavour from China is exceptionally good. Its light, chewy noodles are perfectly coated with savoury salted egg flavour and robust seafood taste, with a hint of buttery note. Its herb sachet rounds things out, take note not to overcook them or it’ll get mushy.


#2 MyKuali Penang Hokkien Prawn Noodle

This one is hands down one of our favourites! As the name suggests, MyKuali Penang Hokkien Prawn Noodle tastes just as close to the authentic Hokkien Mee (prawn noodle) you could find in Penang. Its rich prawn broth is savoury, spicy and lightly sweet. The fried onions sachet further heightened the flavours, the overall experience is chef’s kiss!

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#1 MyKuali White Fish Broth Cup Noodle

The Ramen Rater’s absolute favourite out of all. MyKuali White Fish Broth Cup Noodle is unlike any hearty, non-spicy varieties out there. The broth is exceptionally rich and milky, with a good amount of oiliness and thickness.

To be honest, we were surprised to see this on the top of the list at first because deep down we were expecting some fancy, tangy flavours. But once we tried it out, boy we were wrong. The soup was all packed with flavours, rich and hearty. You could legit taste the fish (no odour at all) in every slurp. Vegetables include little pepper rings that add a little zing.

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Grab All Of These MyKuali Instant Cup Noodles Today!

Foodies, if you haven’t tried any of MyKuali instant noodles before, now’s the best time to do so! We highly recommend stocking up these three flavours at home because now that they’re No.1, they’re currently selling like hot cakes! Once again congratulations MyKuali for gaining recognition from The Ramen Rater! You make Malaysia proud! Psst, these award-winning noodles also come in bundle packaging, so remember to grab some from the supermarket aisle! Share with us your thoughts and let us know which one is your favourite out of the trio!

Source & Photo(s): The Ramen Rater

Status: Halal

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