MyKori is bringing these toothsome and adorable shaved ice desserts to Penang

Instagram-worthy to the max!

Hey, foodies! Are you thinking what I’m thinking right now or are you as eager as me right now? We can’t contain our excitement about what is coming our way! Malaysians’ all-time favourite cute and adorable shaved ice dessert, kakigori is finally opening its first outlet in Penang thanks to MyKori after much pleas from us. Though the location of the outlet is still unknown to us, let us be patient in our waiting! In the meantime, let’s see what’re they all about!

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What exactly is a kakigori?

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It came as a surprise to us when we heard that this stylish dessert actually dates back to the 11th century, like whoa! In the past, the Japanese would save the ice during the colder months to be kept for the summer, the ice will be shaved and served with sweet syrup to the Japanese aristocracies. Damn, I feel super honoured to be eating the same thing as the aristocracies!

So, what are the must-order items at MyKori?

1. Thai Tea Kakigori

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Anything that is thai tea flavoured will always secure a place in our hearts! How about you? Thai tea is always a HUGE YES from us, because of its refreshing and rich-velvety texture accompanied by the flavourful taste of the tea itself. You definitely cannot miss this!

2. Matcha Latte Kakigori

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Matcha, well known for its antioxidant and metabolism-boosting properties, has garnered millions of fans worldwide. Perhaps, this is fate or a matcha-made (puns attack!) in heaven that we got to try this delightful dessert. Their own remedy of matcha into kakigori, consisting of adzuki (Japanese sweetened red bean paste), kuromitsu jelly (Japanese brown sugar syrup jelly) and green tea matcha ice is a must-try!

3. Mont Mauve Kakigori

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Another dessert often ordered by their regular patrons is none other than their Mont Mauve Kakigori, made with mix berry ice, fresh strawberries, blueberries and raspberries, topped with whipped cream and kuriaro rose powder! Sounds exotic to our taste buds, can’t wait to try it!

MyKori is bringing these toothsome and adorable shaved ice desserts to us!

We’re super stoked about them! They will surely become the next hot-thang in town because no one sane can actually say no to their amazing kakigoris. And, we shall see you in our next one!

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