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Mr.Wang Penang: Not Your Regular Neighbour Next Door

Foodies, you know the drill, it’s another round of foodventure. This time around, we’re bringing you to somewhere somewhat fancy. You might have heard of it, it’s the popular 隔壁老王 Mr.Wang. Some even say it’s the next hipster spot, where influencers and Instagrammers gather. Well, we’re here to check out whether this restaurant deserves all the hype. Are they worth it? Read up.

What is Mr.Wang Penang:

If you look up the dictionary, 隔壁老王 has a few different meanings among the Chinese community. As quirky as the name could be, 隔壁老王 Mr.Wang is actually named after Takehashi (Lao Wang). A Taiwanese who resided in Japan and worked as chef. Set in the heart of Georgetown, this restaurant is an appreciation of Takehashi, serving Japanese cuisine infused with Taiwanese flavors. Step inside and you’ll get the futuristic, Japanese bar vibe with a touch of nostalgia. First thought on Mr.Wang Penang, cozy and welcoming.

Taste Test of Mr.Wang Penang:

Before we touch on food, did you know that Mr. Wang Penang is also neighbour to the famous hidden bar Magazine 63? Like they’re housed under one roof, just a hidden door between them.

For The Cheese Lovers:

Enough talking, food session. We got ourselves the Signature In House Cheese Cheesy Chicken set (RM39). While the name is a bit confusing, the presentation is not. We loved how sleeked it came in, mains on the left and side dishes on the right. There’s this mini pan filled with cheese where they’ll light it up for you upon serving.

Wait till the cheese melts and you can throw it the fried chicken cutlets, coat them with ooey gooey cheese. Very satisfying, the cheese flavour will somehow remind you of some familiar places, and it shall remain a secret till you come and discover it yourself. Miso soup served in a cup? That’s a very convenient and hippy way to drink it. We have to say Mr. Wang Penang did it right, indeed a satisfying meal, with so much to pair with.

The Highlight of Mr.Wang Penang:

If you’ve heard of Mr.Wang Penang, you might have seen the star palate, A5 Wagyu. We pampered ourselves with the Exclusive A5 Wagyu Beef Set (RM139). Again, the sleek presentation, but with cold dishes and a dessert. We loved the pumpkin soup that came with it, creamy and light.

Crumb-coated A5 wagyu deep fried on the outside but raw on the inside, blankets the fragrant Japanese rice. You could still see the marbling and redness of the beef, very handsome. You get to do the “cooking” again this time. Throw in some butter, wait till it melts and grills your fancy meat.

The beef soaked up the flavour of butter, and melts in your mouth. As we chewed on the meat, the juice and umami flavours of wagyu exploded, they aren’t called A5 wagyu for no reason.


Moving on to another classic of Mr. Wang Penang, Tamago-Katsu Sando (RM19). Sweet Japanese egg (tamago) breaded and fried on the outside, paired with their signature sauce, sandwiched between two lightly toasted bread.

There were a lot of flavours going on, aroma of bread, sweetness of tamago perfectly balanced by the sauce, as well as the texture of the crumbs. All together made us went “wow.” It was pretty unique and you couldn’t find it elsewhere, perfect for sharing.

Our meal ended well with another fancy order, Oyster Shooter (3 for RM100). Fresh oysters? Yes. Oyster Shooters? Very new to us. Originated from San Francisco, the regular oysters are served with a shot of alcohol. Slurped raw oysters straight off the shell.

It was really juicy and we could taste the freshness when chewed. Then pour the quail into the Bloody Mary and take the shot down together with the oyster. The booze added some kick and fizz to the overall experience.

Verdict on Mr. Wang Penang:

Everything we had was an eye-opening experience. They actually pay a lot of attention to every detail, from plating, to the preparation and presentation. They say a pleasant meal not only lies within the food, but also on experience and environment. We agree on that, and the price justifies the quality and service we had. Will we revisit? Absolutely. We’ll end it here and leave the rest to you. Visit Mr. Wang Penang and share with us your experience.

Photo Credits: Edward Ng

隔壁老王 Mr.Wang Penang

Address: 64, Jalan Magazine, George Town, Malaysia.
Operating Hour: 6 p.m.-1 a.m. (Daily)
More Info:


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