Moody Cow Penang Now Delivers Their Madness Cheesecakes All The Way To KL

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Hey there foodies! It’s Tuesday today and if there’s one particular food that we can try on any day, it has got to be cakes. In Penang, the cafe scene is vast and wide so this goes the same when it comes to cakes. If you’re a huge fan of (HUGE) cakes, then you’ll know that Penang has a cafe that serves madness cheesecakes. It’s none other than Moody Cow!

Moody Cow Now Delivers To KL!

Moody Cow has been around for some time and they stand out from other cafes because they serve enormous cheesecakes. That isn’t all, their cheesecake flavours are unique, consisting of Durian, Nangka, Century Egg and more. And, their forte isn’t just cheesecakes, but other cake flavours are similarly unique. They even have Hawaiian Treasure (with tropical berries), Evil Queen (chocolate, coffee and peanut butter) and many more!

Moody Cow Delivery KL
Photo: @eewei0410 (Instagram)
Moody Cow Delivery KL
Photo: @puddingupwithzoe_(Instagram)

Are you salivating yet? If you’re in KL and these cake flavours are already leaving you drooling, then we have news. Because, Moody Cow is now offering delivery all the way to KL! Of course, there’s a fee to that and this is how it goes. A slice of Moody Cow cheesecake starts from RM34 and delivery fee will stand at RM35.

Photo: @marxyongsc (Instagram)

But, here’s a tip: buy more slices to get a discount! If you purchase 5 slices and more, the delivery fee is only RM19. And, it’s a deal that’s a bang for your bucks because you’re literally gonna have fresh cheesecakes delivered all the way from Penang.

Photo: @evelynwei26 (Instagram)

There’s more! If you buy a whole cake, the delivery fee is FOC! Some might think an entire cake is too much but wait till you try the very first bite and you’ll know there’s no stopping at just one slice. Then, you’ll be grateful you made the decision to buy an entire cake.  Or, here’s an idea: throw a cheesecake party with your friends! Oh, and cheesecake flavours vary daily so be sure to check with the team before you order.

Moody Cow Delivery KL
Photo: @yeewei_chin (Instagram)

Get Ready For A Cheesecake Feast

So, are you ready for a cheesecake madness fiesta? Really, there’s nothing like staying home with a slice of thick, creamy cheesecake while you enjoy some Netflix. Bye!

Order Method: Whatsapp +6017-4839002 | +6010-2495111 (3-day advanced order is required)

Link: Facebook 

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Featured Image: @woanandonly | @evelynwei26 (Instagram)

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