MBPP Upcycles Jesselton Pocket Park By Decorating It With Minion Tyres


Bello friends! Did you notice the group of minions loitering around Jesselton Pocket Park? If you take another look, you would notice that they were made out of old tires! What is going on here?? Well, whatever it is, we know that it is the epitome of cuteness and we need more!

minion Jesselton pocket park
Photo: @majlisbandaraya.pulaupinang (Facebook)

Penang’s First Upcycle Project In Public Parks

minion Jesselton pocket park
Photo: @majlisbandaraya.pulaupinang (Facebook)

Well as the saying goes, a man’s trash is another’s treasure. Putting good use to discarded objects and materials, Penang Island City Council’s (MBPP) decided to revamp Jesselton Pocket Park with colourful upcycle projects. As a result, nine minions can easily be spotted hanging out at the park. And apparently, these dudes were MBPP’s first upcycle project in public parks. Clearly, they made the right choice for choosing the minion theme.

A Month’s Worth Of Effort

minion Jesselton pocket park
Photo: @majlisbandaraya.pulaupinang (Facebook)

According to The Star, MBPP Urban Services Department deputy director Xavier Sebastian said that they have created a Special Action Force to work on this project.

“It took them about a month to complete the project as we only do it after work or during our free time.”

Among the items that recycled are tires and plastic bottles. In a way, the MBPP is trying to ‘give life’ to discarded items and hoping that it will inspire the public to do the same.

Different Themes For Different Parks

minion Jesselton pocket park
Photo: @majlisbandaraya.pulaupinang (Facebook)

Meanwhile, MBPP Urban Services Department overseer, Nizuar Nordin, said there would be different themes for different pocket parks. “We hope to extend the project to all pocket parks on the island,” He continued. Awhh.. Thank you sir for your continuous effort!! On the other hand, let’s appreciate their hard work and avoid vandalizing the minions okay?

Source: The Star | MBPP

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