Mini Viennetta Ice Cream: Recreate This Iconic ’90s Ice Cream Using Only 4 Ingredients

Hello there foodies! Do you guys miss the wide variety of ice cream you’ve had as kids? Growing up, there’s nothing that brings more joy than hearing the comforting music of an ice cream cart. From our favourite fruity Mat Kool Traffic Light popsicle, all the way to Wall’s Viennetta, let’s admit that they’ve left only sweet memories in our childhood. Well, to all ’90s kids, if you miss Wall’s Viennetta, we’ve got good news. Recreate them from scratch!

Make These Iconic Vienetta Ice Cream From Home

Unsure what’s Wall’s Viennetta? We’re getting right into it. Essentially, the original Viennetta originated from Italy. Boasting multiple layers of creamy vanilla ice cream, the topping consists of compound chocolate. Here in Malaysia, we can find different flavours such as mint, chocolate and even pistachio!

Photo: @isabeleciprianofiuza (Instagram)
Mini Viennetta Ice Cream Recipe
Photo: @yackikuka (Instagram)

If you’ve ever had the chance to savour this iconic ice cream, you’ll know how good it tastes. So, when you’re ready for this blast from the past ice cream recipe, start scrolling!

Mini Viennetta Ice Cream Recipe
Photo: @yackikuka (Instagram)

What You’ll Need:

  1. Whipped Cream Powder (15 tbsp)
  2. Cold Water (30 tbsp)
  3. Condensed Milk (10 tbsp)
  4. Dark compound chocolate (50g)
  5. Piping bag
  6. Flat piping nozzle
  7. Baking paper
Mini Viennetta Ice Cream Recipe
Photo: @yackikuka (Instagram)


Ice Cream

  1. In a bowl, put in 15 tbsp of whipped cream powder then add in cold water
  2. Add in condensed milk according to your preferred level of sweetness
  3. Use a mixer at high speed and mix until it becomes creamy
  4. Then, fix in a flat piping nozzle into the piping bag
  5. Insert half or more of the mixture into the piping bag and store in the freezer for 10-15 minutes

Chocolate Layers

  1. In a heatproof bowl, melt the dark compound chocolate using a microwave or the double boiler method
  2. On a baking paper, pour a layer of the melted chocolate and flatten it
  3. Freeze the chocolate layer for 5 minutes before cutting them into small pieces (3x10cm)

Putting Them Together

  1. Take out the ice cream and begin piping on the baking paper
  2. After the first layer of ice cream, add a piece of chocolate on top before piping another layer of ice cream
  3. Then, put an ice cream stick before piping on another 3 ice cream layers and top it off with one last piece of chocolate
  4. Freeze for another 15 minutes before enjoying.
Mini Viennetta Ice Cream Recipe
Photo: @yackikuka (Instagram)

Tip: You can also add in food flavouring to create Strawberry or Chocolate Viennetta Ice Cream and sprinkle Cocoa Powder as a topping!

Endlessly Indulge In These Mini Homemade Viennetta Ice Cream

Though the process may come across as rather lengthy, it’s the least we could do to bring back this iconic ice cream from the ’90s. Also, since a box costs over RM30, why not sharpen your ice-cream making skills and indulge endlessly? Let us know how it goes and have fun!

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