McDonald’s Chocolate Sundae Cone Returns With 3 For RM7.50 Triple Indulgence Deal



  • McDonald’s brings back Chocolate Sundae Cone
  • Enjoy 3 cones for only RM7.50
  • The deal is redeemable via the McDonald’s App

Good morning foodies! We’re back at the start of a brand new week and if you’re like us and feeling slightly blue, we’re here to sweeten up your day. One of our favourite fast food joints, McDonald’s is once again bringing back its iconic dessert, the Chocolate Sundae Cone! And, the best part is that there will also be a Triple Indulgence Deal whereby 3 Chocolate Sundae Cones are only RM7.50! Yay!

Chocolate Sundae Cone Is Making A Comeback At McDonald’s

Occasionally, we need some really good dessert to hype up our day, right? And in that list of good desserts, we most definitely must include ice cream in it. While ice cream is basically accessible anywhere, let’s all admit that McDonald’s is our go-to spot whenever we’re looking to indulge in some simple ice cream. RM1 Sundae Cone, who can beat such a deal?

McDonald's Chocolate Sundae Cone
Photo: @My.McDonald’s (Facebook)

Well, if you’re indeed a huge McD fan and all of its unique menu, then you’d be delighted to find out that the Chocolate Sundae Cone is making a comeback! The comeback isn’t glorified but is instead, celebrated by offering it as a deal. Now, you can get triple the chocolate indulgence by enjoying 3 Chocolate Sundae Cones for a smacking price of RM7.50!(Pick from either Chocolate/Chocolate & Vanilla Mixed Cone)

McDonald's Chocolate Sundae Cone
Photo: @My.McDonald’s (Facebook)

Some of us might recall savouring the Chocolate Sundae Cone as part of the permanent menu back in the days. Soon after, it was off the menu and the Hershey’s Chocolate Sundae Cone was introduced as a seasonal menu. And now, they’re bringing back this chocolate goodness dessert once again!

McDonald's Chocolate Sundae Cone
Photo: (Website)

Chocolate Lovers, This Is Your Call

So, if you’re a chocoholic and you love chocolates in all your desserts, then this is one deal you musn’t miss out on. All you need to do is to redeem this deal via the McDonald’s App. We’ll take a safe bet that this will kickstart a great week ahead for you guys. Bye! We’re off to get ourselves a cone, or three.

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