McDonald’s Incredible Set Meal For 2 Is Now Only RM18

To all foodies out there, we have some good news to share with you. To welcome the new year of 2020, McDonald’s is having a limited “Crazy Hour” sales on their McDelivery service for 2 days from December 30-31st! From 2 set meals for only RM18. You can now save up to RM16! Here are the different set meals to enjoy.

1. Double Cheese Burger Meal (2 For RM18)

For some of us, cheese is never enough. This time Double Cheese Burger is in this amazing deal to satisfy all cheese lovers. Only RM9 for one set meal, when is a better time than now to indulge in this delicious burger?

Photo: @gitemania (Instagram)

2. McChicken Meal (2 For RM18)

Originally priced at RM28 for 2 set meals, you’re going to save RM10 for that crunchy and crispy McChicken burger! I’m lovin’ it.

Photo: @fadzli.kamaludin (Instagram)

3. Filet-O-Fish Meal (2 For Only RM18)

Oh Filet-O-Fish, doesn’t it bring back memories? Let’s all agree that this used to be the only thing we order at McDonald’s. For some of us, it’s still our get-to whenever we drop by McDonald’s.

Photo: @ the_beauty_chef_ (Instagram)

4. Big Mac Meal (2 For RM22)

Big Mac is still many people’s all-time favourite burger to order at McDonald’s. With juicy meat patty that’s seasoned in a special sauce that we all love, it’s no wonder why it’s still so popular.

Photo: @gesalud (Instagram)

5. Spicy Chicken McDeluxe Meal (2 For RM24)

Made just for spicy food lovers, this must be your favourite meal to order at McDonald’s. Call up your spicy friends and enjoy this hot deal together.

Photo: @keatz87_ (Instagram)

5. Fried Chicken 3Pcs Meal (2 For RM28)

Last but not least, it’s McDonald’s Fried Chicken. Secretly telling you this, but this is the set that’s got the most discount! With an original price of RM44 for 2 sets of Fried Chicken (3pcs), it’s now only RM28. That means it’s RM16 off!

Photo: @kurus_dalam_masa_2_minggu (Instagram)
Photo: @wisatakulinersurabayas (Instagram) 

This amazing deal is going to end soon, just like 2019. So let’s not miss out on this chance to enjoy good food to welcome the new year. Make sure to check out the time available below because it’s only limited at a certain time.

Time: 3PM-6PM | 9PM-12AM

Location: McDelivery

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