Grab And Collect McDonald’s Newly Launched Fast And Furious Car Toys Starting Today!



  • McDonald’s launched Fast and Furious Car Toys and Ty Teeny Plushies.
  • Available from 20th April to 20th May.
  • Get it through take away or drive through.

Don’t get too excited now. We know Malaysian tend to get overly giddy when it comes to collectibles. Especially the ones from McDonald’s. So here’s a little list of the toys that will be served along with your Happy Meals for the next four weeks. Hopefully, the crowd at McDonald’s won’t be too packed this time around.

Be Speedy Or Cute, The Choice Is Yours

McD toys
Photo: @McDonald’s (Twitter)

In a collaboration with Netflix, get an awesome car model from the Fast & Furious Spy Racers along with each Happy Meal.  If you are not interested in cars, or the famous movie franchise, fret not. McD always produces toys that will interest both boys and girls alike. This time around, the fast-food restaurant franchise will also offer super adorbs puppet toys called the TY Teenie Teeny Plush. Featuring colourful plushies with googly eyes.

Different Toys Every Week With McDonald’s

The toys will be available starting 20th April till 20th May. Each Ty Teenie Teeny and Fast & Furious Spy Racers toys will come in four different designs. The toy designs will be different every week.

Week 1: April 20 to April 29

  • Gilda The Flamingo
  • Ion Thresher
McD toys
Photo: @MiriCitySharing
 McD toys
Photo: @MiriCitySharing

Week 2: April 30 to May 6

  • Sami The Goldfish
  • Hyperfin
McD toys
Photo: @MiriCitySharing
McD toys
Photo: @MiriCitySharing

Week 3: May 7 to May 13

  • Tiggy The Tiger
  • Rally Baja Crawler
McD toys
Photo: @MiriCitySharing

Week 4: May 14 to May 20

  • Start The Unicorn
  • Astana Hotto
McD Toys
Photo: @MiriCitySharing
 McD toys
Photo: @MiriCitySharing

Start Collecting Today

Available on both take-away and drive-through services, you should definitely start collecting today. We understand the hype for these toys can be a bit over the top at times. Which is why we would like to remind you guys to be vigilant at all time.

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