Breaking: MAPS Theme Park Has Officially Closed Down After 3 Years

Happy CNY foodies! Have you guys had enough of feasting and angpaos? Well, if that’s already done and dusted for you guys, then we’re here to bring you a piece of solemn news. Probably not right to ruin the festive mood but hey, we’re just here to convey the news. MAPS Theme Park in Ipoh, Perak is closed from today onwards until further notice.

MAPS Perak Has Closed Down After 3 Years

MAPS closed down
Photo: KLOOK

And as usual, let’s take a walk down memory lane and talk a little about Malaysia’s very first Movie Animation Park Studios. MAPS, an RM520 million project was opened to the public in June 2017, a slight delay after its supposed opening in 2015. Despite the delay, on the opening date, the public gave MAPS a warm welcome.

MAPS closed down
Photo: KLOOK

MAPS consists of 6-themed zones with 23 interactive attractions and 15 adrenaline-filled rides. The 6 themed zones include Animation Square Zone, Dream Zone, Blast Off Zone, Live Action Zone, Lakeside Zone and Fantasy Forest Zone. This means that spending a day here guarantees heaps of fun. MAPS features both local and international animated characters such as BoBoiBoy, Casper, The Smurfs, Mr Peabody & Sherman and many more.

MAPS closed down
Photo: @abuk1ng (Instagram)

Now that we already know what MAPS offers, here’s a quick timeline of the events leading up to MAPS closure:

1st March 2019: MB Perak announces FOC entrance to MAPS

3rd January 2020: MAPS was temporarily closed due to overdue electricity bills

28th January 2020: MAPS is closed until further notice after suffering approx. RM500 million losses

Shall we have a moment of silence for MAPS? Nevertheless, let’s hope that this is just temporary and MAPS will open to the public soon.

This news was first reported by BERNAMA.

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