This Cafe In Penang Serves Unique Kimchi, Fruits And More Hand-Tossed Pizza

If you’re a huge fan of pizza, then today’s post is meant for you. There is this new cafe in Penang that serves pizza with unique toppings. So unique, you may need to reread the menu twice just to make sure you got them right. Well, let’s talk about Mame’s Pizza Cafe at Golden Triangle, Penang.

Mame’s Pizza Cafe Has Unique Pizza Toppings, Western Food & More

First things first, Mame’s Pizza is a relatively new cafe that’s tucked in Relau, Penang. But if you reside close by, we’re sure you’ve already heard of this name or tried out what they have to offer. Essentially, Mame’s Pizza specializes in handmade pizza and a wide variety of lip-smacking Western cuisine. Are you excited to find out what we tried?

Mame's Pizza Cafe

Mame’s Pizza Cafe is your neighbourhood friendly pizza joint that makes you feel at home. The entire cafe does not boast extravagant decor, but just a simple no-fuss interior with seats and some murals. Of course, the most important factor of an eatery is the food quality. So without further ado, let’s go!

Mame's Pizza Cafe

Mame's Pizza Cafe

Unique Hand-Tossed Pizza

As they’re named Mame’s Pizza, it’s no surprise that they’re a spot that specializes in pizza. Each pizza dough is made from scratch and even hand-tossed to get the perfect crust.

Mame's Pizza Cafe Penang

Now here comes the magic. Mame’s Pizza turns your seemingly ordinary pizza into something unique. They have Kimchi pizza, as well as fruit pizza! Yes, you’ve read them right.

Surprisingly, both the Kimchi Korean Delight and Mame So So Strawberry taste delectable. The Kimchi pizza comes with savoury yet spicy Kimchi paste as the base and comes topped with ham slices, Kimchi, and loads of Mozarella cheese.

Mame's Pizza Cafe Penang

Kimchi Korean Delight

As for the Mame So So Strawberry, peach, and lychee sauces act as the base. Then, the toppings include banana slices, strawberries, and a generous amount of Mozarella cheese.

Mame's Pizza Cafe Penang

Mame So So Strawberry

The pizzas are then baked in the oven until it’s fully baked and has a crispy crust. For cheese lovers, get ready for a cheese fiesta like no other when you indulge in the pizzas here.

Mame's Pizza Cafe Penang

A Variety Of Western Food

Moving on, Mame’s Pizza also has an array of Western food that is worth trying out such as the Chicken Bolognese with Mozarella Pasta, Signature Mozza Fried Chicken Burger, Signature Grilled Chicken, and more.

Mame's Pizza Cafe Penang

Chicken Bolognese with Mozarella Pasta

Mame's Pizza Cafe Penang

Signature Mozza Fried Chicken Burger

Mame's Pizza Cafe Penang

Signature Grilled Chicken

Refreshing Thirst Quenchers

To quench your thirst, Mame’s Pizza has a wide array of drinks available on the menu such as Chocolate Milkshake, Ribena Lychee Soda, Tropical Splash, and our personal favourite: Flower Tea Pot that comes with fruit chunks.

Mame's Pizza Cafe Penang

Tropical Splash | Ribena Lychee Soda | Chocolate Milkshake

Flower Tea Pot

Check Out The Latest Deals By Mame’s Pizza Cafe

In line with Mame’s Pizza reopening for dine-in, they are now having the following promotions!

1. 10% OFF + 10% Cash Rebate for dining-in

Mame's Pizza Penang

2. Table For 2 Promo: RM30 For 2 Pax | RM54 For 4 Pax

Mame's Pizza Penang

So if you’re still brainstorming what’s for dinner and you reside in Relau, pay a visit to Mame’s Pizza Cafe. You’ll be spoiled for choice here.

Address: 29-1-33, Golden Triangle, Relau, 11900, Jalan Paya Terubong, Penang

Operating Hours: 11 AM-10 PM (Opens Daily)

Link(s): Facebook | Website

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