This Cat Is Officially A Malaysia Catizen And Other Pets Can Be One Too


Did you know that your pets can have their own passport in Malaysia? Apparently it’s a thing here! If you are planning to take your fluffy best friend with you on a trip abroad or have the urge to brag about your lovable cato to your friends, here’s an adorably legal way to do it!

pet passport
Photo: @ShazGhaF (Twitter)

Pet Passport Is A Thing In Malaysia

Shared by @ShazGhaF on Twitter, you can actually get an adorable blue passport for your pet. In addition to getting his pet a passport, Shaz also mentioned that he got a microchip and neutered his fluffy orange cat, Pablo, for RM85. All of this can be done at the State Department of Veterinary Service. He did it in Cheras but don’t worry, we should have one in every state.

Pet passports have been around since 2010

According to Mashable SE Asia, the Malaysian Animal Traceability System (MATs) Project was organized by the Department of  Vet Services Malaysia (DVS). It’s a project that aims to build a formal animal identification database system and help with animal disease control. In addition, it will also help to promote pet owning responsibility among Malaysians.

Up until now, 4 types of animals are eligible to get a passport

pet passport

So That They Don’t Forget Their Nationality You See

And that is why you need to give your pets a passport (not because you enjoy pampering your pets with adorable human rights). Jokes aside, it is really not a good idea to travel abroad yet, but you can still give it anyway. Shaz tipped that it is better to go to the State Department of Veterinary Service in the morning so that you won’t be bothered by the long waiting line. It will also help you avoid crowds so we couldn’t agree more.

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