Lower Section Of The Newly Upgraded Walkway At Esplanade Is Temporarily Closed Due To High Tide


  • The lower walkway in Esplanade is closed off due to high tide
  • The area is overflowing with seawater since yesterday (Monday, 16 May 2022)
  • The public is advised not to use the lower walkway for the time being

The newly upgraded walkway in Esplanade, stretching from the Medan Renong food court to the Royal Malaysian Navy Base, was recently reopened to the public. The walkway features 460m path with a lowered area that allows visitors to enjoy the sea even closer and occasionally wade in the water as the area fills up. However, the lowered area is currently closed off due to the high tide phenomenon.

Everyone Is Advised To Avoid Using The Lower Walkway At The Esplanade During High Tide

Photo: @majlisbandaraya.pulaupinang (Facebook)

According to Penang Island City Council (MBPP) announcement on Facebook, their enforcement team is closing off the area for the time being and forbids anyone from using lower walkway. This is due to the high tide phenomenon that causes the area to overflow on Monday (16th May 2022). “The public is advised to NOT use the lower walkway at the Esplanade during high tide for their own safety.” said in the post.

Photo: @majlisbandaraya.pulaupinang (Facebook)
Photo: @majlisbandaraya.pulaupinang (Facebook)

For more information regarding the tide, you can check out Stesen Tolok Air Pasang Surut Malaysia (STAPS):

Link(s): Facebook | Website

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