Long Time Ago: New Smokeless BBQ Joint With 360° Auto-Revolving Grill

Sit back and let the grill do its job!

Penang boasts a lot of hella good barbecue joints, but despite the saturation of old-school butter-salt-and-pepper rubs, not every stack of post-oak-smoked chunks is worth 120 minutes of waiting. To separate the moist from the lean, we’re about to share with you a relatively new barbeque joint we’ve just discovered a while ago. Go forth and gorge at Long Time Ago– the new barbeque joint which is vetted as barbecue worth consuming.

Long Time Ago: One Of The Hottest BBQ Spots in Penang

With Long Time Ago, BBQ is reinvented. We can’t rave enough about their 360 degrees auto-spinning grills and smokeless BBQ experience! Penang is home to some seriously smoking barbecue joints, which love to take things slow with a bit of flaming peril to liven things up. We have some excellent places doing very exciting things with fire and smoke; think global flavours and more than just meat. If you’ve smelt the tantalising waft of bbq mutton grilling Gurney Paragon, chances are it was Long Time Ago. 

About the Space

This restaurant is a place to roll up your sleeves, grab at least 20 napkins and prepare to really get involved. They have outdoor picnic seating or indoor table service, and all the briskets, ribs, and sausages a person could ever want. In fact, diners praise the family-friendly barbeque joint’s cosy, casual vibe, and attentive service.

Indoor seating at Long Time Ago

Alfresco seating at Long Time Ago

What’s So Good About Long Time Ago

BBQ purists, rejoice. The smoke-free innovation at Long Time Ago means no more BBQ-scented hair and stinky clothes. What’s more, the 360 degrees auto-revolving grills make sure to keep your skewers grilled evenly while you were busy talking!

Step in and you’re welcomed with beautiful briskets, ribs, and sausages that have people waiting in lines. None match Long Time Ago for quality, inventive dishes, and the most exquisite brisket ever. Portions and quality are astounding.  Always fun. It’s decidedly casual, eating off trays, with seasonal specials and absolutely worth it.

Mongolian Lamb Skewers (RM23.50/ half dozen) dominate at this inevitably packed joint. It doesn’t disappoint, sweet and salty, with their burnished copper exterior, it is a delicious finger snack, a dish to be worked over, savoured and celebrated.
Paired with condiments, the colour reminisces the colour of fiery sunsets from earlier and the taste, with the burning charcoal from the grill makes these lamb skewers something extra special.

Pork Ribs (RM28.00) at Long Time Ago are excellent. Nothing satisfies a good feed like a big rack o’ ribs to contend with – enhanced by charred and smoky flavours- sweet, hot and intensely moreish. It’s a slurp-fest of cracking, digging, mining and mopping. Ribs and burnt ends with an array of sauces, rubs and glazes. Here’s to lip- licking and sucking every last piece of meat.

Don’t miss the Lamb Racks (RM35.00) either, which come lacquered with flavours that are of full-on feral-tasty. Sink your teeth into those sticky, charry racks of perfection. This ain’t the place to eat with a knife and fork; just get down and dirty with the food. And we warned you- make sure you go hungry, it isn’t one for the faint-hearted.

They do offer a variety of side dishes for you to top up the grilled perfection. Smoked duck, shishamo, pork balls and even marshmallows. all are extremely vibrant and punchy, so generous and fragrant that you’ll wonder what we were ever thinking of going to other barbeque restaurants in town.

Eggplant (RM8/ set)

Garlic Fried Rice (RM6.50) 

Enoki Mushroom (RM5.50/ set)

Pay Long Time Ago A Visit Today

Wickedly good meats, sinfully tempting food, and an atmosphere to die for, Long Time Ago shall be your next venture. In fact, no matter you’re looking for a family-friendly atmosphere or a place to munch on some great meats, you’ll find something good enough to cater for all tastes and moods. Just head over to satisfy your cravings for tantalising wafts of bbq meats.

Long Time Ago

Address: Lot 163-G-01, Gurney Paragon Mall, Persiaran Gurney, 10250 Penang, Malaysia.
Operating Hours: 11.45am- 11.30pm (Mon- Thurs), 11.45am- 12am (Fri- Sun)




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