New Limited Edition Sakura And Colourful Pocky Are Now Available In Malaysia

So Festive!


  • Newly Discovered Limited Edition Sakura and Colourful Pocky Flavours.
  • Each is sold at only RM3.60 per box.
  • It might be around for a limited time only.

What’s up Foodies! The Glico company is known to be a little too creative with their Pocky flavour ideas. But hey, who’s complaining? Up until now, there could be dozens of flavours that we have not yet discovered. Well, most of them would only be distributed in Japan anyway. However, few did slip out of the innovative country and landed in Malaysia! So sweet tooths out there, this post is for you. Each of these will cost you around RM3.60 per box.

Introducing The Limited Edition Sakura And Colourful Pocky Flavours

Limited Edition Pocky
Photo: @PenangFoodie

Oh dear, where do we even start? The two newly discovered, limited-edition flavours are very easy to spot. Not every convenience store will have these for sure but you can’t miss the festive boxes. Serving its name, the Colourful Pocky’s box is heavily decorated with brightly coloured sprinkles. Meanwhile, we are head over heels with the harmonic shades of pink and sky blue on the Sakura Flavoured Pocky’s box!

Limited Edition Pocky
Photo: @PenangFoodie

The Colourful Pocky Will Surely Bring Colours To Your Mouth

Colourful Pocky
Photo: @PenangFoodie

Japan never disappoints us. The fact that the product looks exactly like it was advertised is very uplifting. Turns out, the ‘surprise’ flavour actually tastes very familiar. Have you ever tasted a lemon cream biscuit before? Yeah, it tasted exactly like that, only this time with sprinkles! Tangy with a bit of crunch.

Colourful Pocky
Photo: @ PenangFoodie

Celebrate The Cheery Sakura Season With Sakura Pocky

Sakura Pocky
Photo: @PenangFoodie

I know what you’re thinking, how can flowers have any flavours? Sounds silly yet Japan has made it possible to eat flowers. It actually smells like a slightly more aromatic, milky strawberry. However, when you start to chew, the strawberry scent fades away and leave you with a delicate aroma that lingers in your mouth.

Might Be Around For A Limited Time Only

Limited Edition Pocky
Photo: @PenangFoodie

So which one would you try first? As for us, we would definitely prefer the Colourful Pocky due to its zesty, lemony charm. And don’t even try to forget about the sprinkles. That’s all for this post! Share with us your experience with Limited Edition Pockys in the comment section below!

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