This Ice Kacang At Penang Hill Boasts Extravagant Fruity Toppings With A View

Warning: Fresh fruits and icy desserts overload!

Good news to all dessert lovers around, because we are just about to uncover our newly found gem on the top of Penang Hill! Introducing *drumrolls* Lily Penang Hill Ice Kacang– it’s both a sweetheart to the eyes and tummies! Behold, this homemade shaved ice is not your regular fix of Ais Kacang.  Scroll down to see why we said so!

Lily Ice Kacang Serves Extravagant Fruity Shaved Iced At Penang Hill

Fresh fruit juice is used in the making instead of sweetened syrup. Light fluffy shaved ice topped with generous amount of fresh fruits, pearls and finished off with a scoop of ice cream. Make sure you don’t miss it when you visit Penang Hill!

Check out our visit here:

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Enjoy Fruity Shaved Ice With A Scenic View On Top Of Penang Hill

Established in 1986, Lily Ice Kacang was first started by Aunty Lily, who now passes down the stall to her daughter Jazz.  The 30-year-old dessert stall is always filled with customers from near and far. Set in Cliff Cafe, the only food court on top of Penang Hill, this is the place in Penang where you can enjoy a bowl of satisfying fruity Ais Kacang while enjoying the view.

More Than 20 Varieties Of Shaved Ice At Lily Ice Kacang

At Lily’s, they don’t just serve fruits-loaded shaved ice, but also giant ice cream hot pots, now that’s a rare find! The friendly stall offers more than 20 varieties of icy desserts in total. Get ready to indulge yourselves in overwhelming sweetness!

Bestsellers At Lily’s: Mango Ice And Strawberry Chocolate Ice

Mango Ice (RM10); Strawberry Chocolate Ice (RM12)

If you’re heading to Lily Ice Kacang and not sure what to order, we’d recommend going for Mango Ice and Strawberry Chocolate Ice! The Mango Ice is loaded with fresh mango cubes and drenched with fresh mango juice, posting a fair balance of sweet and sour taste. Strawberry Chocolate Ice is drenched with strawberry juice and embellished with strawberries and cream, we truly enjoyed it! Both will look extremely good on your ‘gram too!

That’s all on our visit to Lily Penang Hill Ice Kacang. Although the price is slightly on the high side, we 10/10 would recommend it. Foodies, make sure to add this into your bucket list the next time you visit Penang Hill!

Lily Penang Hill Ice Kacang

Address: Lower Floor, Cliff Cafe, Penang Hill, Bukit Bendera, Penang
Operating hours: 11am-8pm (Tues-Fri)
8am-8pm (Sat-Sun)
10.30am-8pm (Mon)

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