Leong Chee Kee: A 60-Year-Old Hidden Old-School Biscuit Shop In Penang

We all know that Penang is a food gem on its own right? Then, there are those hidden gems that are yet to be uncovered by anyone. Somehow it always feels like a good challenge to peel off the surface layers to discover what our humble island can offer. Today, we are delving deeper into this old-school biscuit shop in Penang known as Leong Chee Kee, tucked at People’s Court.

Leong Chee Kee: Legendary 60-Year-Old Biscuit Shop In Penang

Before we begin, can we get a show of hands from those who know about Leong Chee Kee? If you have never heard of this shop before, don’t worry. Let us take you on a virtual journey to explore more about this 60-year-old biscuit shop in Penang.

Leong Chee Kee Biscuits PenangPhoto: @ryanloh1928 (Instagram)

Firstly, to get to Leong Chee Kee, just look for the infamous Tai Tong Restaurant and walk towards the back alley. It should be relatively easy to spot People’s Court Apartment. And once you’re there, try to find the huge signboard that reads Kedai Biskut Leong Chee Kee, and congratulations, you managed to locate Penang’s hidden gem.

Leong Chee Kee Biscuits PenangPhoto: @khooleonie (Instagram)

On the outside, you will see steel racks filled with biscuits but once you walk into the shop, you will see where all the magic happens. Towards the back of the shop, there are table counters and multi-tiered racks for making and cooling the biscuits.

Leong Chee Kee Biscuits PenangPhoto: @eugeniabismuth (Instagram)

Leong Chee Kee is an old-school biscuit shop that has been around for 60 years. Currently, it is being helmed by the 2nd generation, Mr. Leong. Each biscuit here is handmade by Mr. Leong from scratch.

Leong Chee Kee Biscuits PenangPhoto: @eugeniabismuth (Instagram)

This includes kneading of the dough, brushing them with egg wash, and all the way until the dough is popped right into the oven. So you know what you get is ultimately fresh bakes from the oven only.

Leong Chee Kee Biscuits PenangPhoto: @ryanloh1928 (Instagram)

While you’re here, be sure to try out the ever-popular Pepper Biscuits that are crunchy and fragrant. In addition to that, the crowd-favourite Coconut Tart is moist yet warm and even has a coconut-filled center.

Leong Chee Kee Biscuits PenangPhoto: @ryanloh1928 (Instagram)

Leong Chee Kee Biscuits PenangPhoto: @ryanloh1928 (Instagram)

Save This Place Up For Old-School Handmade Biscuits In Penang

If you’re looking for something soft and fluffy, we highly recommend you try out the Egg Sponged Cakes. These are the top 3 must-try items when at Leong Chee Kee. So, tell us, have you tried out this legendary old-school biscuit shop?

Address: C8, People’s Court, Lebuh Cintra, Georgetown, 10100, Pulau Pinang.

Operating Hours: 9 AM-4.30 PM (Closed on Sunday)

Contact Number: 016-401 9211

*Photos featured were during pre-pandemic days

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