Legendary Wood-Fired Pizza Penang Is Back (Takeaway Only)

If you were to ask anyone on the streets today about “what kind of pizza is the best kind?“, they will probably tell you that the best kind of pizza is baked on a self-made brick oven using the traditional wood fire. And, we couldn’t agree more! So, when the news broke out about how the legendary wood-fired pizza is closing because of the owner going through knee surgery, you can hear the sound of shattering hearts from many hardcore pizza fanatics.  Good news though! Legendary Wood-Fired Pizza is back up and running!

Legendary Wood-Fired Pizza Penang

Meticulous work goes into every step of prepping the pizza, leading up to the baking process over the wood-fired.

After kneading the dough for a good amount of time, here come the toppings! The owner is totally not stingy when it comes to the toppings – cheese, tomato sauce, mushrooms and pineapples! Uncle ah, how can we not love you!

Now, the baby (I meant the pizza because pizza is indeed bae right!) is all ready to go into that blazing hot oven! Don’t think that’s all to it because that’s where the hard work comes in. Uncle has to constantly control the fire to make sure that he doesn’t overbake the pizza. Not just that, he has to keep adjusting the pizza too! Uncle, we salute you!

Just Look At That Gooey Melted Cheese!

AND, TADAH! THE GREAT REVEAL! Our stomach is grumbling again just by looking at that! Gotta really thank uncle for the distance he goes to make such awesome pizza so that you and I got to enjoy it! So, what are you waiting for? Stop thinking about your diet and come on over to try this delicious baby right now! Only available for takeaway!

Watch our video here!

Address: 171-J, Jalan Argyll, 10450, George Town, Penang (Opposite Livingston Tower)

Operating Hours: 6pm – 10:30pm

Call 012-4512354 to order, it’s now available for takeaway only!


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  1. U call this an Italian pizza

    U must joking, using can mushroom and plastic cheese!!!!!

    Italian Pizza “Pizza Margerita” must use only San Marzano tomatoes,
    Bufala Mozzarella e Basil

    The Pizza maybe taste great however u cannot call it Italian Pizza

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