L Kitchen: Authentic Chinese Food in Penang You’ll Definitely Want To Try In Penang

Cantonese Dishes With A Touch Of Local Cuisine You Don't Want To Miss Out!

L Kitchen is a place where it’s suitable for all ages. Older generations will be able to reminisce on the olden days as they have their meal while the younger generations will be able to experience these authentic dishes. These dishes will definitely be a conversation starter between you and your parents or grandparents.

L Kitchen: Porridge, Noodle, Rice Place in Penang

These Authentic Flavors Will Leave You Wanting More

The food here is Cantonese influenced with a touch of local cuisine at a reasonable price. Their menu ranges from local breakfast dishes such as toasted bread with soft boiled egg to rice and noodles dishes and porridge and congee for both lunch and dinner.

You will be able to enjoy your meal comfortably as this place is air-conditioned. L Kitchen is open for lunch and dinner so you won’t have to worry about not having the opportunity to try it with your friends and family. These are a few of the dishes that you should try out!

Steamed Mince Meat with Salty Fish and Preserved Vegetables


This dish is steamed to perfection. Served in an old school wooden basket, the dish is bursting with flavor. The tenderness of the steamed minced pork that’s been marinated with salted fish and preserved vegetables to give it a slight saltiness with the crispness of the steamed vegetable will leave you wanting more.

Indian Style Curry Fish Fillet


This curry is creamy from the coconut milk with a slight tinge of tanginess to balance out the creaminess. It’s very appetizing and not too spicy. The fishes are fillet without bones so you don’t have to be too worried. This dish is bursting with flavor and spice and pairs well with either toasted bread or a bowl of rice.


Dried Scallop & Minced Pork Porridge with Chinese Coriander Meat Ball

Here they have a wide range of congee for you to pick from. Their signature congee sells out really fast because of the smoothness of it. You can add different dishes to your congee such as fish fillet, pork balls, chicken and many more. This dish is definitely a comfort food for many because of its simplicity and the warmness it brings while eating it.

Make Your Own

Teow Chew Style Spice and Sour Soup with Thin Bihun and Groupa Fish Fillet

With this dish, you’re able to be creative with it. You are given a choice of clear fish soup, Tom Yam and Teo Chew style soup. Next, they have five different carbohydrates for you to pick from such as porridge, thick or thin bihun (rice vermicelli) and many more. Then you pick your favorite protein such as prawn, fish, pork and many more. Lastly, it’s optional but you can add more toppings to your dish.

Butterfly Pea Flower Barley

Photo: @anni8181 (Instagram)
Original Soya Bean, China Barley with Butterfly Pea Flower and China Barley with Pumpkin

This is not your regular barley drink. This drink is being boiled with butterfly pea flower which makes it blue in color so you don’t have to worry about artificial coloring. Barley is traditionally known to help cool down the ‘heatiness’ in your body and butterfly pea flower is said to be full of antioxidant. This drink is definitely packed with nutrition and it tastes amazing as well!

Address: 141, Lebuh Campbell, 10100, Georgetown, Penang

Opening Hours: 11:30 am – 4 pm, 6 pm – 9 pm (Monday to Saturday); 10 am – 4 pm, 6 pm – 9 pm (Sunday); Closed on Thursday

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