KyoChon At G Hotel Penang Will Be Closing Down On 14th July After Three Years

Hey, fam. We are here with some sad news today. Really, really sad news. Despite the fact that KyoChon is doing good with multiple store openings at Johor Bahru, KyoChon At G Hotel Penang Will Be Closing Down On 14th July After Three Years. That’s right, our go-to Korean fried chicken spot will be leaving the island really soon.

KyoChon is closing down on 14th July 2019

Photo: KyoChon Malaysia (Facebook)

The news was announced on KyoChon Malaysia’s official page today. The post stated, “With a heavy heart, we’re announcing the closure of our Penang outlet after three great years of serving Penangites. Thank you for all the love and support, and we hope to bring delicious Korean fried chicken to this beautiful island again in the future. Don’t fret, though – we’re still open until 14 July 2019, so see you soon!”

Photo: KyoChon Malaysia (Facebook)

The sad post was accompanied with a Thank You Penang picture, with photographs of good times peeping from the back. We are not sure why KyoChon is closing down after three years, and we can only assume that they are not profiting enough. Not to worry, it will still be around until 14th July 2019. It leaves you ample of time to eat your favourite Korean fried chicken for the one last time.

Photo: KyoChon Malaysia (Facebook)

KyoChon is known for its extremely crunchy Korean fried chicken. Its series comprise of Soy Garlic, Red Pepper, and Honey Series. Options include wingette, drumette, and drumsticks! Of course, if you are feeling extreme, you can always get a whole chicken instead. These fried chicken are always best accompanied with a bowl of white rice! Talking about it makes us hungry already!

Good bye, KyoChon, see you in another state!

Photo: KyoChon Malaysia (Facebook)

Here is the good news, there are still many KyoChon restaurants scattered around Malaysia. There are twelve stores in total! Most commonly, you can find them in big shopping malls at Klang Valley, while a couple of them is located in Johor Bahru. So, we don’t have to be super upset about it. We still can get our Korean fried chicken if we want to! Stay strong, fam.

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