KyoChon Reopens At Arena Curve & Giving Away 12pcs Wingette & Drumette

Good morning fellow foodies! As we’re venturing into a brand new month, it also seems like 2020 is ending at a super speed. With November taking over, we’re sure right now Penangites are hyping up over one thing: KyoChon. Yes, that’s right, our favourite Korean fried chicken joint is returning with 3 outlets! And, they’ve just announced the location for their very first outlet, at Arena Curve!

KyoChon To Reopen First Outlet At Bayan Lepas

Of course, we all still remember the good old days when KyoChon had the only outlet at GHotel, right? Snacking long queue from foodies who just cannot wait to bite into their crispy, delectable chicken, those were truly good times.

Bayan Lepas KyoChon
Photo: @mykyochon (Instagram)

At KyoChon, you will get a few different series of the chicken such as Soy Garlic Series, Honey Series as well as the Hot Pepper Series. So, if you’re the kinda foodie who loves things with an extra spicy kick, go for the Hot Pepper Series. Guaranteed to leave you perspiring.

Bayan Lepas KyoChon
Photo: @KyoChonMalaysia (Facebook)

That isn’t all, you also get to pick the size of the chicken that you prefer. Some of us prefer the wingette and drummette while some may prefer solely drumstick or even WHOLE chicken itself. Also, you can choose to enjoy the crispy on the outside yet tender on the inside chicken with rice. Simple, plain white rice or perhaps spicy delectable Kimchi Fried Rice? They’re all up to you.

Bayan Lepas KyoChon
Photo: @KyoChonMalaysia (Facebook)

If simply reading these words take you back in time, or you already can’t wait for the reopening of KyoChon, then we have something for you. In line with their first KyoChon outlet reopening at Arena Curve, KyoChon will be giving away 12pcs Wingette & Drumette (Soy Garlic / Red Pepper) to 15 lucky winners!

Bayan Lepas KyoChon
Photo: @KyoChonMalaysia (Facebook)

Who’s Excited For This?

All you need to do is guess the location of the opening and contest ends tomorrow! Well, what are you waiting for? Head over to their Facebook page and drop your comments because who knows? You might just be that lucky winner to munch on KyoChon at their Arena Curve outlet after all this while. Bye!

Photo: @KyoChonMalaysia (Facebook)

Location: Arena Curve, Bayan Lepas

Opening Date: 4th November 2020

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