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Korea’s Famous McDonald’s Ice Cream Latte Hack is a Trend Now

Foodies, we recently stumbled upon this McDonald’s hack on the Internet and we’re so excited to share it with you guys. Apparently, it’s a really famous hack in Korea. Turn your McDonald’s Iced Latte into Affogato when you dip a sundae cone into the drink!

Try Out This Korea’s Famous McDonald’s Ice Cream Latte Hack:

Photo: @yeonjoo__oo (Instagram)

We’ve heard all sorts of bizarre combinations or secret menus in McDonald’s, this one in particular, sounds interesting. In Korea, people are dipping a sundae cone into their iced latte, turning it into a whole new drink.

Photo: @foodie.914 (Instagram)

The concept pretty much sounds like Affogato but replacing espresso with Iced latte instead. The outcome looks quite aesthetic, like a creative drink coming out from a cafe, we get the hype now.

Photo: @e.mming (Instagram)

Best part of this hack? It’s not limited to a certain country or region. Just get a regular cup of iced latte and sundae cone at McDonald’s, and you’ll have yourself the famous Ice Cream Latte!

Photo: @yeonjoo__oo (Instagram)

Foodies, will you try out this hack? Let us know in the comments. Don’t forget to share this hack with your friends and recreate this Ice Cream Latte together. That’s all, stay safe and buh bye!

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