This Hidden Spot In Penang Serves Kochabi Curry Mee From A Kampung House

Have you heard of the saying, when in Penang, you’ll never go hungry? If you know where to look, you might just stumble upon another hidden food gem. Just like this spot in Penang that serves Kochabi Curry Mee right from their Kampung house. It is none other than 大山脚白菜园古早味咖哩麵 or BM Kochabi Curry Mee.

Hidden Gem In Penang: BM Kochabi Curry Mee

This place may be one of the rare few to still serve old-school Kochabi Curry Mee. Just bring your parents or grandparents along and they’ll tell you that this spot does Curry Mee exactly like the olden days.

BM Kochabi Curry Mee PenangPhoto: @PL Tan(Google)

BM Kochabi Curry Mee has both dry and soup versions and locals who have tried it will attribute their success to the homemade chilli paste. Getting to this place is a little tricky because it is located deep inside of a Kampung. But once you get there, you will see wooden signage that reads 古早味咖哩麵.

BM Kochabi Curry Mee PenangPhoto: @我们的闲情食尚录(Facebook)

BM Kochabi Curry Mee PenangPhoto: @Bmkochabicurrymee (Facebook)

From the outside, this place looks just like a normal place of residence except for the tables and customers. You’ll see the preparation of Curry Mee together with the seating area as well.

BM Kochabi Curry Mee PenangPhoto: @Cola Chew (Facebook)

BM Kochabi Curry Mee PenangPhoto: @KoidYewSiang (Google)

Each bowl of Kochabi Curry Mee comes packed with flavourful curry broth that has been simmered for hours. You can also taste the thickness of the broth and its perfect blend with the creamy coconut milk. Mix the noodle, broth and homemade chilli well before taking your first bite.

BM Kochabi Curry Mee PenangPhoto: @Bmkochabicurrymee (Facebook)

BM Kochabi Curry Mee PenangImage: @Bmkochabicurrymee (Facebook)

BM Kochabi Curry Mee PenangPhoto: @welovefoods2019 (Instagram)

Have You Tried Out BM Kochabi Curry Mee?

Are you already tempted to try out this place? Here’s a video clip on how you get there. BM Kochabi Curry Mee is indeed a hidden gem in Penang and if you haven’t tried it, then why not check them out this week?

Check out this video on how to get there:

Address: 232 Mukim 9,Kampung Tanah Liat, 14000 Bukit Mertajam, Pulau Pinang.

Operating Hours: 7:30AM-11:30AM (Closed on Friday)

Contact Number: 011-1212 8329 or 012-586 4288

Link: Facebook 

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