KFC’s All-Time Favourite Loaded Potato Bowl Is Back With Popcorn Chicken

Hello there friends! Are you a huge fan of KFC? Perhaps you have this innate thing in you whereby you need to try every single item of their menu. Then you’ll be up on your feet when you find out about this: the all-time, crowd favourite Loaded Potato Bowl is making a comeback! Keep reading!

KFC Loaded Potato Bowl Is Back!

If you’re familiar with the KFC Loaded Potato Bowl, then chances are you know that it was taken down off the menu for close to 3 months. This creation was introduced back in 2016 and has since then, been a must-order item whenever one steps into KFC.

KFC Loaded Potato Bowl
Photo: @eatwithceleste (Instagram)
KFC Loaded Potato Bowl
Photo: @rosnibintiahmad (Instagram)

The KFC Loaded Potato Bowl consists of crispy Zinger chunks, corn in creamy whipped potato, topped with signature Cheezy sauce and mayonnaise. Every bite is has a harmonious blend between cheese and crispy fried chicken chunks.

KFC Loaded Potato Bowl
Photo: @miraclezz_may (Instagram)

Now, as it’s already 2020, we’re all about change so the Loaded Potato Bowl has a twist of its own too! Instead of Zinger chunks, it now comes with popcorn chicken. Meaning, you’ll get bite-sized popcorn chicken in all the cheesy goodness that you have to come to know of.

KFC Loaded Potato Bowl
Photo: @sandrawong_94 (Instagram)
KFC Loaded Potato Bowl
Photo: @caroleloo (Instagram)

Have You Tried Out The KFC One Box?

In addition to that, KFC also releases a brand new Cheezy Popcorn Bowl as part of its One Box that comes with 6 items in total. So, what are you waiting for? Head on over to your nearest KFC outlet right now and celebrate the return of the Loaded Potato Bowl.

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