This KFC Car Plate Number Series Will Be a Perfect Snack for Fried Chicken Lovers

Let’s be honest here, cool cars and number plates are sure to turn heads. As far as number plates go to represent wealth and luck to a certain extend, none is as tasty as this. The upcoming KFC car plate number series is about to be up for bidding by the Kedah road transport department (JPJ). We couldn’t help but to relate it to our beloved fried chicken giant.


This KFC Car Plate Number Series Will Remind You of The Fried Chicken Giant:

Photo: (Website)

If you’re a huge fan of KFC and happen to reside in Kedah, luck is by your side. The KFC car plate series will be up for bidding on February 13 and will run for five days until February 17. Successful bids will announce on February 18.

Turn heads and let your car be the center of conversations, like “eh your car spicy or original?” or “can get discount at Kepci ah?” 

Photo: JPJ Negeri KEDAH (Facebook)

Those who are interested may make a winning bid of your desired number on JPJeBid, the online vehicle number plate bidding system. Here’s the catch, each vehicle number requires a minimum payment. The minimum bid of running (regular) numbers begins at RM300. The highest minimum bid goes to primary value (single-digit) numbers, where price starts from RM20,000.

We don’t know about you, but getting a KFC car plate number sounds finger lickin’ good. Again, if you’re huge brand of the fried chicken giant, this is the sweet moment for you. Best of luck and don’t forget to tag your friends and tell them about this, buh bye!


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