This New Themed Cafe In Penang Will Literally Make You Go Bananas

Lai, I jio you now!

‘Bojio’ gets dropped on the daily, from our closest friends to people who just want to join in on the fun. And, it can get a little annoying sometimes. The next time someone says ‘bojio’, direct them to this banana-themed cafe instead and be like ‘Nah, jio’. Okay, this might be confusing for non-Hokkien speakers so let’s rewind. ‘Jio’ in Hokkien means invite while at the same time it sounds like we’re talking about the fruit, banana. So, whenever people say ‘bojio’ which originally means ‘why didn’t you invite me?’, it can sound a lot like ‘you no bananas ah?’ Get it? Now, we shall carry on!

Funky Themed, JIO Cafe.

JIO Cafe

Was that introduction too lengthy? I know you guys are getting impatient so let’s get to the main reason for this article before we get killed! This new banana-themed cafe named JIO Cafe is a brand new kid in the block, mainly centring the decorations of the place around the yellow fruit, bananas. You’ll only ever spot the fun combo of yellow and pink in the cafe!

JIO Cafe

They have a room full of hanging bananas which you can take amazing and Insta-worthy photos in, we have to say it’s a pretty good idea because it definitely hit all the points in our aesthetic requirements. Looks like some kind of modern art piece!

JIO Cafe
JIO Cafe
JIO Cafe

Moreover, take a dive into their fun-looking ball pit! Or maybe feel like a princess sitting on the bubble chair situated at the entrance of the cafe. Both of that sounds very exciting and amusing, ain’t it?

More than just bananas.

JIO Cafe – Chocolate Lava Cake
JIO Cafe – Smoked Duck Breast
JIO Cafe – Kiwi Apple (Left), Pink Grapefruit (Right)

You have to drop by for their toothsome desserts too like the chocolate lava cake, creme brulee and also mango pannacotta. Their main course choices are surprisingly delicious as well, you can really see the effort put into every dish and dessert.

JIO Cafe – Lady In Red

And, we want to just shed some light on one of the desserts, that being the Lady In Red. Why so? Because the presentation of this dessert is the most enchanting and mesmerizing one. First, they dipped a real rose into nitrogen liquid to harden it and then proceed to break the petals onto the plate. Believe me, the process is far more interesting than how I’ve described it to be. You have to see it with your own eyes, we don’t want to spoil the surprise for you!

Nah, jio.

JIO Cafe

Look out for the banana signboard outside the cafe! Feel free to tell us the best thing you love about this odd yet creative cafe after you’ve tried it out. Remember to take lots and lots of photos and hit the ‘like’ button to show some love!

Address: No.221, Lebuh Kimberley, 10100 Georgetown, Penang.

Operating Hours: 11am-11pm (Daily)

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