It’s Official: Korea’s Famous Isaac Toast Is Opening First Outlet In Penang

Although 2021 is drawing to a close soon, there are still plenty of exciting things to look forward to. For instance, Korea’s famous Isaac Toast will be opening its very first Penang outlet in early December. Are you ready to feast on some juicy, packed sandwiches? We sure are!

Penang’s First Isaac Toast To Open On 1st December 2021

Everyone loves a good toast, right? Be it a quick on-the-go breakfast or as a light dinner, toasts are perfect. And if you’re looking for a real good toast, then look no further than Isaac Toast.

Isaac Toast Penang
Photo: @isaac_malaysia (Instagram)

As the best-selling toast joint originating from South Korea, Isaac Toast has over 800 outlets across the world including Singapore, Macau, Taiwan, and Malaysia. You can find Isaac Toast in Klang Valley but come December 1st, fellow Penangites can finally get a taste of them without leaving home!

Photo: @isaac_malaysia (Instagram)

What makes Isaac Toast unique is that each toast is freshly pan-grilled over butter and drizzled with a special Isaac sauce recipe. The result? Fluffy yet crispy toasts that come with an array of variations.

Isaac Toast PenangPhoto: @isaac_malaysia (Instagram)

When Isaac Toast announced its official opening on our island, we just cannot be any more excited. Ready? the very first Isaac Toast outlet in Penang will officially open on the 1st of December at Shell, Upper Penang Road.

Isaac Toast PenangPhoto: @isaac_malaysia (Instagram)

Unsure what to try? Well, we got you. Some of the popular toast options offered by Isaac Toast include Chicken Bacon Cheese Special, Turkey Ham Cheese Special, Shrimp MVP, Pizza, and more.

Welcome, Isaac Toast!

So, are you looking forward to December yet? We’re certain this is one great way to mark the end of 2021. Mark your calendar and see you there!

Location: Shell, Upper Penang Road

Date: 1st of December 2021

Link(s): Facebook | Instagram

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