Spot Insan Coffee on The Road and Chup Them to Grab Your Coffee On-The-Go

“Roti! Roti!” Remember the honks and calls of Benggali roti uncle back in those days? The nostalgia of hailing Benggali roti motorcycles by the roadside is what most Malaysians grew up with. These days, it’s hard to spot them on the road. Relive your childhood as Insan Coffee brings the “rotiman” concept back to life. Spot them on the road, and chup them for your coffee-to-go!

Chup Insan Coffee and Grab a Bottle of Quality Coffee By The Roadside:

It’s always great to see innovation in a brand or product, especially when our culture is incorporated. The founder, who happens to be a lawyer, started Insan Coffee as a passion project. Her love for coffee took her over a year of trials and errors to create the current recipe.

The idea kicked in one fine day to build her coffee project, not only as a tribute to her passion but also as a reminder to always be humane, hence the name Insan (human) Coffee.

Sourcing 100% premium Arabica beans, only the best ingredients are used in order to bring out the best flavor. Using fresh Australian milk, their bottle of coffee is for everyone and all coffee ingredients are Halal certified by JAKIM. Smooth on the throat with a smoky aroma, there’s no added preservative nor sugar, only 100% realness.

So why the “rotiman” concept? Well, most Malaysians grew up with the memory of hailing benggali roti uncle at least once. It would be fun to bring back this scene, especially amongst the younger generation. This time around, not bread and snacks, but coffee.

Kickstart your day with a bottle of this coffee! Spot a bright yellow motorcycle with a hand-painted metal box behind it that says “Insan Coffee” on the road. The bubbly rider, Fatimah or Ikram will be riding across the island, delivering your dose of energy daily.

Routes, Price & Promo:

The brand is currently running a small production, so for now they’re only covering Georgetown and Bayan Lepas, and switch up between days. For example, the motorcycle will be around Georgetown on Monday, so Tuesdays would be in Bayan Lepas area, Wednesday will bounce back to Georgetown, so on and so forth.

In terms of pricing, we think it’s a steal. For RM13.50, you’ll get a 300ml quality coffee, chilled so you can drink straight from the bottle. That’s about twice the amount you get from any other cafes or coffee houses.

Good news peeps, they’re currently running a promotion! All you need to do is Like & Follow Insan Coffee’s Facebook and Instagram, and you’ll straight get a RM0.50 discount per bottle!

Foodies, itching for some nice coffee? If you happen to spot Insan Coffee on the road, don’t forget to chup (hail) the motorcycle and get your caffeine fixed instantly! Do share this cute concept out to your friends and support a local business! That’s all, stay safe and buh bye!

Insan Coffee

Link: Facebook | Instagram

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