Hussain Drive Thru Nasi Kandar Is Giving Out 2000 Packs Of Nasi Kandar For Free Today!

Better get in line

Hello friends! Obviously, all of us have heard of the first-ever Nasi Kandar Drive-Thru Restaurant by now. Although the restaurant has yet to open, the netizen is more than ready to try it out. Ordering nasi kandar using the drive-thru service is a never before seen scene, so this definitely keeps everyone on the edge. And whaddya know! The time has finally arrived friends!

Hussain Drive thru
Photo: @PLUS (Facebook)

You Get Nasi Kandar! And You Get Nasi Kandar!

We just got the news, Hussain Drive-Thru Nasi Kandar will be having a soft opening this Saturday (19 Dec 2020) and they will be giving out 2000 packets of free Nasi Kandar today (17 Dec 2020)! Since they don’t allow dine-in yet, we can pick up our “rations” using the drive-thru service. All you have to do is get in line because they will be handing out the nasi kandar packets starting 6 PM – 9 PM.

Hussain Drive thru
Photo: @HasaniGroup

Check It out!

Hussain Drive thru
Photo: @HasaniGroup

By the looks of it, Hussein Drive-Thru Nasi Kandar has definitely nailed the drive-thru features. Apparently, every person in your car will get a packet of Nasi Kandar. So if you want more, just drop by with more people. *wink wink* Don’t worry if you can’t make it today, you can still visit them during their soft opening this Saturday. Make sure to share with us your experience if you get the chance to visit them, okay?

Hussain Drive thru
Photo: @HasaniGroup

Date: 17 Dec 2020 (Thursday)

Address: Next to Caltex Sungai Dua Toll (After Sg. Dua Toll from North)

Operation Hour: 6 PM – 9 PM

Contact: +60 12-693 8137

Link(s): Facebook

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