This 100% Natural Australian Honey Sparkling Drink Is Your Healthy Alternative To Soft Drinks

Bottoms up!

It’s no surprise that Malaysia was listed the fattest nation in Asia last year as the fight for unhealthy sugary drinks continues. Even with the substitution of chemically synthesised sugar replacement such as saccharin, acesulfame or aspartame have unknown health impacts. Many fizzy drinks claim to have zero calories but flavouring and colouring are still present. There seems to be no viable healthy alternatives to provide a thirst-quenching satisfaction for us…until now!


honeyB – A Refreshingly Healthy Sparkling Drink You Can’t Get Enough Of

honeyB is an award-winning sparkling drink that transforms honey from a superfood into a convenient ready-to-drink beverage, so that everyone can consume honey anytime, anywhere. Made from 100% Natural Australian Honey with no added sugar, no added flavouring and no added colouring, honeyB offers a healthy lifestyle of “soda without guilt” perfect for everyone and any one! Hence, it was awarded The Best Healthy Sparkling Drink 2019 by Asia Halal Brand Award.

Little did we know – honey has an endless amount of benefits for humans. Since ancient days, humans derive beauty and health benefits from honey, which include skin whitening & beauty, anti-ageing & anti-oxidant, stress & fatigue relief, strengthening of immune system, blood circulation and digestion. The benefits of honey are akin to a wonderful trove of treasure, which is why honey is highly regarded as a superfood.

With the global pandemic in the picture, everyone is stepping up to avoid falling sick. The only way to do so is to effectively boost your immune system on a daily basis. Now, you can drink up on honeyB paired with soluble Vitamin C to further boost your immune system! Pairing soluble Vitamin C with honeyB will no doubt double up the health benefits you’re already getting from honey. Here’s a combo you won’t mind having every single day!

On its own, honeyB gives off a natural aroma and savoury flavour of real honey with a tinge of fizziness to satisfy your cravings for soft drinks. But aside from that, honeyB is the perfect mixer for mocktails, smoothies, bakeries and even cooking recipes! Try out these easy recipes (pssst…there are even recipes from the famous Chef Wan!) and enjoy a heavenly refreshing drink at the comfort of your own home.

Find Out Where You Can Get Your Hands On This Delicious Honey Drink

Wondering where to get your hands on this pure honey drink? Just head to your nearest major supermarkets, convenience stores, and even online shopping platforms like Shopee or Lazada. You can also refer below for the full list of participating stores and restaurants to enjoy a sip of refreshing honey.



Status: Halal


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