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Hipster Burgers @ Two Buns Penang

Burger + Arcafe = Love!

Foodies, here comes another round of foodventure where we bring you with us to experience good food. Today we went to the very hyped and aesthetic burger joint in Penang, Two Buns. Now we all know Penang has a lot of good buns whether be it gourmet or roadside ones, but Two Buns has always been on our top list. Well at least for editor, because she’s a fan of Two Buns Penang and let us tell you why. (Pss: This is not a bias post so read with ease.)



About Two Buns Penang:

A rustic, old vibe with minimal settings, everything remains at it was at Two Buns Penang, yet finishes off with a touch of minimalism. This burger bistro is fueled with energetic and passionate young hearts. When step into here, you’ll feel like you’re back to your childhood with the King of Fighters arcade and capsule machine and the vintage vibe.

Conclusion: This place is Instagrammable AF. You could be as pretentious as you want to be, but the burgers are not.

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The Burgers and Other GOOD Stuff:


Two Buns Penang knows how to make some good burgers. They’re like Krabby Patty, one bite and that’s it, no going back. Keep in mind that the portion might be a little small for the boys, you might need “two.”

Beefy Business (RM17), you know it’s something when heard of that name. Of course it’s big chunk of juicy beef patty together with the highlight, the ganja— peanut butter. Yes you heard that right splashes of peanut butter paired with juicy beef patty and bacon. So sinful, so good. Don’t get intimidated by peanut butter, they’re like magic sprinkles which adds tonnes of flavors.


On to the next killer, Don Pablo (RM15). Crispy fried chicken patty with pickles, caramalised onions cheddar and smoked bacon. The chicken patty is the winner. So crispy and juicy the seasonings are key, how can they make such good fried chicken patty?


Mr.Bao (RM15) on the other hand, was our least favourite out of all. The idea of braised pork belly in between buns are so interesting and unique. You know the Chinese braised pork and the Bak Kut Teh lettuce you had? Yep it’s the combination of both with sprinkle of peanut powder. Don’t get us wrong, it’s good, just not our preference.

The last bun we had, Fisherman’s Friend (RM14). You know what it is, a fish burger. If you’re that kind of person who prefers light, then this is for you. Hand-crumbed fish fillet with watermelon salsa, Remoulade sauce and cheddar, every bite feels fresh. Thanks to the crunchy and juicy fresh vegetables, it’s a great balance.

How can we forget about their signature Dirty Fries (RM13)? With loads of cheese sauce, BBQ sauce, mayo and smoked bacon on top of your fries. This is one plate of dirty goodness, please eat with your fingers.

We saved the best for the last. Besides burgers, Two Buns Penang are known for their milkshakes. Since we’re already talking about fats and calories, why not go all in. We had the Spiky Caramel (RM15/20) and Milo Power (RM14). Oh god they were so good we wanna have 10! (Pss: Spiky Caramel has a hint of rum in it.) Both are so creamy, smooth, thick and delicious.

Verdict on Two Buns Penang:

Now you get why editor loves Two Buns Penang so much? Everything is soooo good. Burgers and milkshakes are the best combination ever. Of course, you can pair it with some beers as well, they’re pretty cheap over here. Please do us a favor, visit Two Buns Penang thank you.

Taste: 8.5/10
Price: 6.5/10
Ambiance: 8/10
Experience: 9/10

Two Buns Penang

Address: No 177, Lebuh Carnarvon, George Town, Malaysia.
Operating Hour: 11 a.m.-10 p.m. (Daily)
More Info, check out Two Buns’s Facebook page.

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