HEY! I AM YOGOST Yogurt Drink Is Grand Opening With 2nd Cup At 50% Off For 3 Days

Hello, foodies! If you haven’t noticed yet, there is a new trend after the bubble tea boom. Here’s a little hint for you. It’s chewy, creamy and nutritious. Have you guessed it yet? Drum rolls…It’s purple rice yogurt drinks! If you’re a fan of these healthy yogurt drinks, then you’re in luck because a new yogurt brand is in Penang and they’re having a grand opening on the 2nd of February 2020!

HEY! I AM YOGOST Yogurt Drink Is Grand Opening At Icon City On 2 Feb 2020 And Get Your 2nd Cup At 50% Off

Photo: I Am Yogost Malaysia (Facebook)
Photo: I Am Yogost Malaysia (Facebook)

Hey! I Am Yogost dedicate themselves to making the best yogurt drinks. The brand originates from New Zealand and has established its grounds across countries like Singapore, Hong Kong, US, China, and more. Using fresh ingredients from probiotic yogurt, organic whole milk and whole-grain purple rice, it’s no wonder why these drinks rose up to fame. Here’s a little recommendation from us to get you started.

1. Fresh Fruit Yogurt: Durian Delight

The first durian yogurt drink is in town. This Durian Delight yogurt drink is made with fresh durian and high-quality yogurt. It’s creamy, light and tangy with the right amount of durian flavours to keep you drinking. It’s a little delightful drink for all durian lovers.

2. Fresh Fruit Yogurt: Straws and Berries

A cute name to start with, this is a yogurt drink with fresh strawberries, yogurt and milk. Straw and Berries yogurt drink is the one for strawberry lovers who like a little sour twist in their sweet drinks. Filled with fresh strawberries that are blended well into the homemade yogurt, it’s a drink not to miss!

3. Rich Yogurt: Purple Rice Yogurt

The signature and best selling beverage of the on-going menu list is their Purple Rice Yogurt. Made with whole-grain antioxidant purple rice, yogurt and milk, this drink is sweet, sour, creamy and light. Flowing easily through the straw despite the little grains of purple rice in the drink, it’s a must-try if it’s your first time at HEY! I AM YOGOST.

4. Yogurt Mocktail: Strawberry Lemon Drop

Another bestselling yogurt drink is Strawberry Lemon Drop. Slightly different from other creamy yogurt drinks, this is a yogurt mocktail that’s made with fresh strawberries, lemon, lime and yogurt. With hints of sourness that seeps through this refreshing drink, it’s a good treat to wake up your senses during the day.

5. Yogurt Mocktail: Grape Say Cheese

Say cheese to this new addition in their drink menu. This Grape Say Cheese is a creative yogurt drink that comes with a cheese foam on top of fresh grape juice. Freshly squeezed grape juice that leaves enough pulp to make you feel like you’re eating actual grapes, it’s new type of drink that you should try at least once!

Get Your Second Cup With 50% Off

For this exciting grand opening that is going to last for 3 days, Hey! I Am Yogost will be giving a 50% off to your second cup of yogurt drink! So if you’re wondering which one to order, isn’t it a better choice to get 2 drinks instead? Here’s a little information on where and when to get this!

Operating Hours: 11AM – 12AM

Date: 2 – 4 February 2020

Location: 27, Jln Icon City, Bukit Tengah, 14000 Bukit Mertajam, Pulau Pinang.

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