Hardworking Penangite Cycles Around Penang To Deliver Food Using LinkBike Daily

Due to the recent rules and regulations imposed, many Malaysians are strictly practicing social distancing, and staying at home. Due to this, many drivers from ride-hailing apps are not getting as many requests as normal days. To mitigate financial losses, some of them opted for food delivery. Well, some of the preferred vehicles are cars and motorcycles – right? Have you met a food delivery rider with a rented bicycle before?

Penangite Cycles Around Penang To Deliver Food

Photo: Penang Foodie

We had spotted a hardworking Penangite that uses LinkBike to deliver food daily. Albert, the friendly food delivery partner, mentioned to us that he was making his way from Esplanade to Gurney Plaza. He had caught our attention ’cause his vehicle of choice was a LinkBike. An initiative by Penang Island City Council, LinkBike allows users to discover Penang through cycling.

Photo: Penang Foodie

Instead of using LinkBike to discover Penang, Albert is using LinkBike to deliver food all around Penang. As this is his full-time job, Albert cycles all day, all night to ensure food is being delivered on time to the customers. It turns out that Albert has been working as a driver for a ride-hailing app. Unfortunately, due to the ongoing pandemic, there are much lesser customers now, and he had opted to be a food delivery rider instead.

Photo: Penang Foodie

Albert had opted to use a LinkBike instead of his car as car maintenance is higher in comparison. Checking through LinkBike’s official website, there are several plans available. The price ranges from RM2 for one day to RM30 for a whole year. No doubt that the ongoing pandemic has been difficult, and we are humbled to see Albert going through it without loss of enthusiasm.

Cycling Around Penang To Deliver Food Via LinkBike

Do you have any wholesome stories to share with us during the pandemic? Let us know in the comments. Stay safe, and stay home – and be patient with your food delivery partners, they are doing their best.

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