Halab Penang: Halal Dining Spot To Get Your Arab Cuisine Craving Fixed

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Hello Foodies! Looking for a great place to celebrate your special day? Here is one of the best places in Penang where they offer a nice ambience and you can get your Arab cuisine cravings fixed as well! If you have thought Arabic Cuisine is all about kebab and shawarma, this place will totally change your perspective!


Taste The Authentic Middle-East Dishes at Halab Penang

Debuted in Kuala Lumpur, this Halal Restaurant never fails to catch a spotlight since day one in Penang. They have become the tittle-tattle among Penangites that truly love their top-notch service and food! Serving modern middle-east cuisine, Halab Penang is one of the Arabic Restaurants in Penang that you should try out at least once in a lifetime.

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If you ever wonder what is the meaning of Halab, Halab is the ancient name of Aleppo in northern Syria. Syrian cuisine, especially Aleppine has a very wide selection of dishes. The city has a vast selection of different types of dishes, such as kebab, kibbeh, dolma, hummus, ful halabi, za’atar halabi and more!

About The Space

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Located at Chulia Street, this double-storey bungalow with Halab’s signboard will surely catch your eyes when you pass by the road. We know the fact that all driver hate to find a parking spot, but fret not! They have their own parking space at the back of the building. Another great news for you, the parking is free!

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Once you step into Halab Penang, you will be greeted by amazing exclusive looks decoration and ambience. Red brick walls and welcoming waiters will really make you feel like you had flown all the way to middle-east for your lunch or dinner!

The Great Taste At Halab Penang

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There’s an array of menu selection that is available daily at Halab Penang. If you’re confused about what you should get, here are our suggestions!

1. Lamb Mandi [RM 30]

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Lamb Mandi is one of the favourite main course at Halab Penang. It’s a traditional dish that consists mainly of meat and rice with a special blend of Baharat. Baharat is a mixture of spices that is cooked with the rice! Baharat makes the rice tastier and good enough to eat on its own!

2. Mixed Appetizers [RM 40]

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There are two types of Mixed Appetizers that available at Halab Penang which is Mixed Appetizers A and Mixed Appetizers B. For Mixed Appetizers A, it’s consist of Muhammarah, Hummus, Baba Ghanoush, Motabal and grape leaves. And for Mixed Appetizers B, the combo comes with Muhammarah, Tabbouleh, Baba Ghanoush, Arabic salad and grape leaves.

3. Shawarma Halab [RM 25]

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When east meets west! Shawarma Halab is complete with slices with mozzarella cheese and mushroom tucked inside flatbread and served with french fries and garlic sauce. The garlic sauce plays a huge role in this dish as the tasty aroma of the garlic will make your tummy growling as soon as they serve it.


4. Fruit Cocktail [RM 15]

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Need something sweet and cool on a sunny day? Fruit Cocktail at Halab is the right choice to bring down the heat! Not just tasty, this Instagrammable drink also will make your Instagram feed lit as well! A perfect combination of kiwi, mango, apple, banana, strawberry, cream of pistachios, and chocolate surely will make you go for another sip!

5. Banana Crepe [RM18]

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Complete your dine-in experience at Halab Penang by trying their tasty desserts! Although you are full by the generous amount of food there, we believe that there’s always room for dessert! A banana is wrapped in a thin crepe and drenched with Nutella sauce that will make you drool!

Celebrate Your Special Day At Halab Penang

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Halab Penang always treat their customers just like their own family members! If you plan to celebrate your loved one’s birthday there, simply let them know and we promise you, the birthday celebration will be lit! All staff will gather around and sing happy birthday song special for the birthday person! How exciting it is? This welcoming ambience is the reason why everyone keeps coming over and over again!


Pay A Visit Soon

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Whether you’re looking to celebrate a special day, or simply craving for Arabic Cuisine, Halab Penang is probably one of the places where you can take someone for an amazing dining experience. Don’t wait any longer! Head to Halab Penang soon ’cause you don’t wanna miss this great dining spot at Penang!

📍 Halab Penang

381, Chulia St, Georgetown, 10200 George Town, Penang


🕑 11 AM – 4 AM

📞 04-251 9550

For more information and latest updates, check out Halab Penang’s Facebook, Instagram and Website.

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