Gurney Plaza’s Parking System Is Going Cashless by Using Touch ‘n Go!

Hey foodies! Here we have another day filled with all kinds of news, and one of that being Gurney Plaza’s parking system going cashless starting from 27th of May! Yes, you heard it right. Is this good news or bad news? Would it actually be more convenient for the shoppers? That’s up to you to judge, our responsibility is just to inform you about it.

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So, what do we pay with?

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With the ever-advancing and improving world of technology, customers can now pay for parking with either their credit card, debit card (Paywave) or Touch ‘n Go card. If you happen to not have any of that card with you during your visit, fret not, Gurney Plaza offers instant top-up on the spot for MyKad. You can also purchase a new T’nG card right at their soon-to-be-added new kiosks. Read on to understand more!

Here’s What You Need To Know

Penangites would be thrilled to know that there won’t be an extra 10% surcharge when you pay with Touch ‘n Go, which was the case prior to this implementation. These charges will be borne by the mall management itself. That’s good news! All current autopay machines will be replaced with their new Cashless Payment Kiosks.

For the convenience of shoppers, 3 additional Touch ‘n Go Reload Kiosks will be installed at Basement 2 main building, level 5 New Wing and level 6 Center Atrium. Customers will be able to not only reload their Touch ‘n Go cards, but also and purchase a new T’nG card on the spot!

If you need any help regarding the new cashless system, you may consider ringing up Gurney Plaza’s Information counter at 04-2228111 or their Security office at 04-2228221

Share this news!

Remember to share this news to your friends and family relatives to prevent confusion the next time they visit Gurney Plaza! We personally really like the idea of them going cashless, what about you?  Go on and forward it to all of your WhatsApp group chats and we shall see you in the next one!

While you’re on it, check out Gurney Plaza’s Raya decoration!

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Gurney Plaza (Facebook)
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Gurney Plaza (Facebook)
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Gurney Plaza (Facebook)
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Gurney Plaza (Facebook)

Watch the centre of the mall transformed into a timeless piece, where you can find yourself in the middle of a 70s retro setting of a small town. From the familiar biscuits shop to the good old beverage stall that sells everyone’s favourite milo dinosaur, you’d be surprised and washed over by waves of nostalgia. Strike a pose and take a snap!

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