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Gudang Cafe Penang

Are you looking for a new Penang cafe in town for your weekend scrumptious food journey? Gudang Cafe is your next to-go-list. Bookmark it now. This cafe is framed for its casual atmosphere, cozy environment, long table and great foods at affordable price too. The foods are Japanese cuisine inspired with an unique South-East Asian twist.


Gudang Cafe Penang

The cafe played well on its dark tones and dim lightning, provide a perfect setting for everyone to enjoy a cup of coffee.

Gudang-cafe-penang The long table also facilitates big group gathering.


Gudang Cafe Penang

During our visit, we ordered spicy ramen and chocolate cake. As for drinks, we ordered matcha latte and coffee latte. Spicy ramen is highly recommended, you can never go wrong with this delectable offering. The pricing is truly easy on the wallet RM7.90, which you can rarely find the kind of pricing in other cafes now. Drinks, we preferred the Matcha Latte, as it is sweeter and suit our taste buds more.


Gudang Cafe has definitely lived up to our expectation due to its food quality and affordable price. We really in love with their casual setting, relaxing vibe and soulful foods. Should you pay a visit? Yes!”

Gudang Cafe

Operating Hour:

Mon-Sun: 10:00 – 00:00

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